Call For: Documentary Interviewees for ‘See You at the Pictures’

Illustration: Adeline Pericart

With support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, RTE and the Irish Film Board, See You at the Pictures! promises to be an event which will excite the memories and imaginations of the Irish cinema–going public.

We are looking for interviewees to talk about their experiences of cinema-going in Ireland.

We want your cinema stories. Any decade or genre welcome.

Did you go on your first date with your husband of 50 years to the movies? Or did you bring your new girlfriend last week? What was the first film you ever went to see? Was your heart stolen by James Dean or Jimmy Stewart? Were you terrified by Jaws, or thrilled by Star Wars? Do you remember the days when films were heavily censored? Or when the travelling cinema came to town? Maybe your parents told you their own tales of going to see the classics…

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