Éagóir, a dramatic new Irish Language Broadcast Fund series from The Picturehouse examines cases of injustice in Ireland and how they were overturned on appeal, it begins this Thursday, 29th March, at 10.30 pm on TG4.

Journalist Michelle Nic Phaidín examines each case from the point of view of those involved and the hard work and effort that went into the appeal process. She also asks how the journey of each case affected those involved and changed their lives forever.

The six-part series beings with the case of Michael Hannon who 12 years after his original conviction for sexual assault of a 10 year old girl got his name cleared. Other cases include a mother who stood trial for assaulting her four week old daughter and had her children taken into care as she fought to clear her name. The man who was branded as a master bomber and sent to prison for the Hyde Park Bomb who fought for 12 years to prove his innocence. A man who was arrested at the age of 16 for conspiracy to murder and his 18 year fight for justice. The story of how Nicky Kelly fought to clear his name after being convicted of the Sallins Train Robbery in 1976.

At the heart of each story is a firsthand account of what happened. These personal journeys are supplemented by those close to the case – journalists, solicitors and neighbours all give expert testimony and personal perspective on how it happened, how it was put right and what it meant for the people involved.

Éagóir, Thursdays at 10.30pm on TG4.



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