From Friday 30th, March  The Island President and Into The Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life will be available on Volta, the Irish video on demand service, on the same day as their theatrical release.

Volta, the Irish video on demand service launched in January 2012 and operated by Element Pictures, today announces that two independent films will be available nationwide on Volta on the same day as their limited theatrical releases in Dublin this Friday, March 30th.

INTO THE ABYSS is Werner Herzog’s latest stunning documentary, exploring the human cost of crime and its consequences, which follow the moving story of Michael Perry and Jason Burkett, two young men who were found guilty of three capital murders. THE ISLAND PRESIDENT is a documentary from Jon Shenk that tells the story of Mohammed Nasheed, recently ousted as President of The Maldives, and his fight for the future of his country as it risks being submerged by rising water levels due to global warming which leads him to the climate change summit in Copenhagen in 2009.


Both films are receiving small theatrical releases (INTO THE ABYSS will run at the IFI Dublin and THE ISLAND PRESIDENT will run at Light House Cinema, Smithfield), but their availability online increases the potential audience nationwide for these brilliantly realised films. Typically, independent documentary cinema is not featured at local multiplexes; Volta allows anyone in the country with a computer to enjoy these excellent films from the comfort of their own homes.

INTO THE ABYSS director Werner Herzog sat with Volta for an exclusive interview about this and his other films which will be available to watch on Volta for free this week. Both films are priced at €5.99 per rental.


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