Financed and shot in the UK, Modified is a dark science fiction thriller. The film’s director, Paul Cotrulia, writer, Kevin J. Hannigan, 1st AD, Fintan Kearney and special effects makeup artist, Eugene Suschcyy are all Irish filmmakers and graduates of National Film School IADT Dun Laoghaire.

London doubles as a dark and dangerous future world in director Paul Cotrulia’s debut feature film . The Pacha London venue in Victoria, London was transformed into an illegal underground nightclub for cyber criminals and vengeful murderers for six shooting days last year.

‘I think it’s enormously ambitious for a lower budget film,’ says Paul Cotrulia. He adds: ‘I’m thrilled that it’s being released this September!’

Modified is a dark science fiction thriller set in an underground world of body modification with technology. The film boasts an international cast of actors including John Sandeman, Robert Dawson, Cory Sanders, Lia Albers, Joe Law, Megan Anstee and Gabriel Constantin as cyberpunk antiheroes in a high-tech world of easy sex and death.

Kerr (Cory Sanders) searches an underground world of illegal body modification with technology for Cole (Lia Albers) the woman he loves, but soon finds himself caught in a battle for control of the modification scene. Their world will be torn apart.

Modified is being released online, as a limited edition DVD and in select cinemas nationwide on 3rd September, 2012.

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