To celebrate the St Patrick’s Festival, the Screen Cinema is handing over a screen to Trashfest, the purveyors of all things wonderfully trashy, for an alternative approach to celebrating Irish culture. Trashfest will be screening the achingly funny horror film Leprechaun on the eve of St Patrick’s Day.

Long before we became ‘friends’ with Jennifer Aniston, she was keeping quiet to herself with big hair and an even bigger nose, while sitting on this pot of gold.

Aniston plays Tory Redding, a girl with a little problem. That little problem is a leprechaun. Faith and begorrah! Warwick Davis, that lovely little fellow from Willow, plays the eponymous petit prankster in what became the first film of the Leprechaun franchise.

When his stash of gold is stolen, the psychotic, six-centuries-old leprechaun goes on a murdering spree throughout North Dakota. The ways and hows of how this leprechaun got to North Daktota are not for us to muse over. Though one presumes he did not fly with Aer Lingus. Anyhow, Tory and her friends are unlucky enough to meet him. Top of the morning little girleens. Now come here to me while I murder ya!

Join Trashfest in The Screen on 16th March to watch one of the trashiest/so bad it’s good films, marvel at Jennifer Aniston’s original nose and celebrate being Irish.

Tickets €6.20/€8.60 are available at

Screening 8.45pm

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