A new action drama based on boy racers in the border area is currently being filmed in Sligo and Leitrim. Directed by Johnny Gogan (Mapmaker), ‘Black Ice’ is the first drama produced by Still Films’ Nicky Gogan (Pyjama Girls).

Set in small town rural Ireland, the main past-time for its youth is racing cars down an old “concession road” and the authorities of North and South find it difficult to police in the new open border dispensation. The drama follows Jimmy Devlin, played by Love/Hate star Killian Scott, and his complicated relationship with girlfriend Alice Watters, played by newcomer Jane McGrath (recently seen in Little Women at The Gate).

Johnny Gogan, Director has said: ‘The film is set in 2008 and present day. It’s a contemporary story that’s about post-crash Ireland where our central character, Alice, is trying to pick up the pieces. It’s particularly fitting that the way we are making the film, combining new filmmaking technologies with the ethos of Studio North West, reflects this aspect of the story.’

Co-written by Johnny Gogan and Brian Leyden, scenes in the micro-budget feature depict thrilling high speed race sequences with local car enthusiasts Richie Irwin, Noel Crawley, Terry McDermott, Shamie McGuinness and Andrew Trotter performing white knuckle stunts for the feature.

Producer Nicky Gogan has praised the goodwill of the local community: ‘In addition to fixing the crew’s cars and everything else, it’s amazing how people have really got behind the project, the racing forums around the country are buzzing with news about the film.’

Production began in early February and the four week shoot wraps next week, with the aim of an autumn release.


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