8,591 viewers tuned in to the free online movie channel during its first live weekend (17th-19th Feb), demonstrating that the channel has made an impact on the digital viewing public.  These figures are set to accelerate as the festival’s biggest star, Al Pacino, makes an appearance on screen tomorrow.

The channel also places a strong emphasis on highlighting the depth3 of talent in Irish independent film making

This week the Aertv Movies schedule includes:

Mon 20th Feb @7pm: Accelerator – debut feature by acclaimed Irish director Vinny Murphy.

Thurs 23rd Feb @8pm: Jericho – a film by Liam Gavin

Sat 25th Feb @8pm: Dollhouse – a thriller by Dublin born director Kirsten Sheridan.

Philippe Brodeur is delighted with the audience’s reaction to the Aertv Movies channel, ‘Our plan was to bring independent Irish movies to a wider audience global audience- movies ordinarily seen by smaller audiences or film festival enthusiasts. We are delighted with the reaction to the service and feedback from our audience so far.’


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