The Irish feature film Shackled, wrirtten and directed by Dave McCabe, has been picked up by an international distributor (American based Midnight Releasing) and will be released on DVD on 6thMarch 2012. The DVD has a selection of extras including a 25-minute retrospective ‘Making Of’, a director’s commentary, a blooper reel and the short film The Hollow Girl.

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A botched break-in on the night of murder victim Brian McDonald’s funeral prompts his sister Sarah to start investigating the events surrounding her brother’s last few weeks alive. Soon, rumours begin to arise of Brian’s associations with drug dealing and dodgy characters, but at the same time Sarah begins having prophetic nightmares of the two of them at a mansion, where they are being haunted by strange masked figures.

With the help of childhood friend Michael and clues from her late brother’s journal, Sarah begins looking for the mysterious people Brian was dealing with. The search leads them down the dark trail of why she and Brian were fostered, who their real mother is and how the mysterious mansion ties into her brother’s death. Complicating matters are the mysterious people themselves, who will stop at nothing to prevent Sarah getting to the mansion from her nightmares and finding the truth…

From the Director of the acclaimed The Hollow Girl, comes a supernatural thriller unlike any other, Shackled will take you on a journey spanning countless generations and untold ruined lives…


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