Saor Sinn ó Olc is a new Irish Language Broadcast Fund drama series from Stirling Productions. Each episode of the six part series is based on real life experiences and the events which unfold can be interpreted as supernaturally or psychologically inspired. It begins on TG4 on Thursday, 10th November at 10.30pm.

The stories which make up the series are based on guilt, fear, revenge, lust, greed and hypocrisy: – the woman compelled to return to the house where her family was murdered ; the valuer who broke his professional code and stole from his employer; the religious community which could find no compassion for an abused child.

Pól Penrose plays the role of the unquiet spirit whose punishment is to watch helplessly as others sin and suffer. Although he addresses the audience, the characters in the drama cannot see him or hear his warnings. In every story there is a moral dilemma which determines the fate of all the players: to his eternal sorrow, the unquiet spirit knows what will happen if the wrong choice is made.

Series Producer Marie Therese Mackle said, This has been wonderful opportunity to continue the drama model established on Marú – where the narrator appears on screen but is separate from the action – and to add in elements of ghost story telling. It has been challenging but fun to work on – perfect viewing coming up to Christmas.

Saor Sinn ó Olc Thursdays at 10.30pm on TG4


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