Tree Keeper

Patrick O’Shea’s independent micro budget feature film Tree Keeper, which was shot in Cork during the summer of 2010, is to have its world premiere at this years Cork Film Festival on Friday, 11th November.

Tree Keeper is a gripping drama about a young man’s struggle to protect the woodlands he inherited from his father from being developed as a landfill site. The film unfolds in a small rural town and its neighbouring woodlands. Doire, a young man in his mid-twenties inherits a hundred acres of mature woodlands when his father dies. A solitary and reclusive figure, Doire turns his back on society and decides the best way to protect and care for his inheritance is to make a home for himself deep in the woods.

In his isolation in the woods Doire is unaware that his estranged mother has contested his father’s will and has won legal ownership of his woodlands. Doire soon discovers that his mother has sold the woodlands to a local business man who now has plans to develop them as a landfill site. Doire will do whatever it takes to protect what he loves the most.

Tree Keeper was shot entirely on a Canon EOS 5D and features an ensemble cast including James Browne (Strength and Honour) Pascal Scott (Grabbers, Killinaskully) and Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones).

The film’s website is and the film’s facebook page can be viewed here;


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