Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes
Upstairs in Foley’s Bar (Sarsfield St, Limerick)
7pm, 24th October 2011

Limerick’s Behind the Scenes film network started back with a great and very informative talk ‘Budget for Short Film’ from well-known award-winning local independent filmmaker Keith Bogue.

The new location over Foley’s Pub in the heart of the city was perfect for the assembled crowd of approximately thirty people. The night began with a big welcome back from the organisers of the network; Mark Griffin (Chairperson – Limerick College of Further Education), Maeve McGrath (PRO – Sidhe Theatre Company), Simon McGuire (Co-founder – Applebox Media) and Gary Lowe (Social Media Manager – Whizz After introducing the committee of Behind the Scenes Mark told the audience what the function of the group was, which was to get like-minded individuals interested in making films, together. He stressed that there was a great line-up of talks planned for the next couple of months and that all the events were free. Each session will take place on the last Monday of every month.

The first talk by Keith Bogue concentrated on the ins and outs of independent film, especially in the area of funding. He spoke about his experiences working with and without a budget. The great thing about Keith is that not only is he a writer but also a producer and can talk with authority about both. He gave the talk with flair and great anecdotes.

He talked in detail about how to apply for your funding (IFB and film centres), funding interviews, getting crew, casting, location hunting, professionalism, scripts, treatments, logistics, pay, insurance, jobs on set, the best places to film, contingencies, shooting, editing, film festivals and what happens after all that. He also stated that when you don’t have a budget the only thing that changes is, that there is no money! There was a great Q & A afterwards where there was a debate on storyboards, crew and money, or the lack there of.

He covered comprehensively every single topic. Overall it was the best two hours I have ever spent.

The next talk will be by yours truly on script which will be upstairs at Foleys Bar on Monday, 28th November at 7pm. Where I will discuss ‘Scriptwriting for TV & Film’ followed by a Q+A.

Eleanor McSherry

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