3rd-6th November

The IFI is collaborating with KINOPOLIS, the now well established annual Polish Film Festival in showcasing cinema from one of the key nations for European film production. Opening the festival with the recent prize-winner Little Rose (Różczka) on 4th November, the IFI will also be hosting two key strands in the Festival’s programme, ‘Polish Animation’ and ‘Masterpieces of Polish Cinematography’.

For more than 50 years, Polish filmmakers have drawn on the nation’s rich tradition of graphic art and puppetry to create some of the most technically sophisticated and darkly satiric animation in the world. The programme includes two 3D animations, Scarecrow and Little Postman, both new works from BreakThru Films. Computer animation is chiefly the domain of festival guest Tomasz Bagiński, creator of the Oscar-nominated The Cathedral (2002) and The Kinematograph (2009). One of the most distinctive personalities on the Polish animation scene, Bagiński inspired heated discussion with The Animated History of Poland (2010).

An outstanding feature of the classic films showing in the festival is their striking visual qualities. Poland has produced some of the world’s greatest cinematographers, amongst them Witold Sobociński (The Hourglass Sanatorium, The Promised Land) and Sławomir Idziak, who refused to shoot A Short Film About Killing for Krzysztof Kieślowski until the director agreed to the use of those green and yellow filters that define the film’s look.

For full programme details, click here to see the Festival’s website 


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