A Film with Me in It is a black comedy directed by Ian Fitzgibbon (Spin the Bottle, Perrier’s Bounty) and written by Mark Doherty who stars as the central character, a down and out actor living with his long suffering girlfriend (Amy Huberman). Along with his alcoholic writer/director/waiter friend played by comedian Dylan Moran and his paraplegic brother (David O’Doherty), they carve out a bleak existence in their run down flat, sea-side benches and local pubs in Dublin.

Mark and Pierce are both unemployed and have grand plans to produce the next big blockbuster. Then, their lives are changed through a series of unfortunate accidents that befall those who enter the flat. Mark looks to Pierce for advice and the two friends attempt to figure out a way of dealing with their predicament, musing over possible explanations as though they were coming up with ideas for films.

The influences of Withnail & I and Shaun of the Dead are evident in both the style and content and similar to these films, the dynamic between the two main characters is central. There are some great comedic moments and Moran’s performance stands out, particularly in a scene where he attempts to introduce himself at an alcoholics anonymous meeting. Mark and Pierce’s attempt to re-write the day’s events as different film plots frames the storyline well and the film is bookended by amusing cameos. Doherty’s sad clown and Moran’s amoral alcoholic are mostly well delivered but can be so deadpan that the dialogue between them occasionally fell flat.

The story is clever but the dramatic tension and the comedy do not build as expected once the accidents begin. The pace is slow moving at the point when it should be the most absorbing part of the film. The film uses extreme high and low camera angles and the tone is dominated by blue and grey hues in the style of a high concept thriller. This style follows on from the successful pastiching of Hollywood film appropriated by Shaun of the Dead, but in this case, the style conflicts with the storyline. These elements appear to be the director’s attempt to create the tension and excitement that is missing in the action of the film.

Overall it is entertaining and has its comedic moments but the forced style and lack of chemistry between the two main characters at the most crucial points leaves a potentially strong story unrealised.

Extras include a making of documentary.

Soracha Pelan Ó Treasaigh

A Film with Me in It is released on DVD  on 30th September
• Format: Import, PAL, Widescreen
• Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1
• Language English
• Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Dolby Digital Stereo
• Region: All Regions
• Studio: Parallel Film Productions
• Run Time: 83 minutes



  1. Ian Fitzgibbon is like Twink back in the 1980s with her Tina Turner routine. Trying to ape more successful films but doing it badly and making a fool of himself.

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