DIR: Steven Quale • WRI: Eric Heisserer, Jeffrey Reddick • PRO: Craig Perry, Warren Zide • DOP: Brian Pearson • ED Eric A. Sears • DES: David Sandefur CAST: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher

Despite the previous entry in the franchise being called The Final Destination, the horror franchise that stole its main idea from The Omen seems unkillable. And just like Fast Five earlier in the year, the fifth entry might just be the best film in the canon so far. Directed by James Cameron’s second unit director on Avatar, the 3D is among the best since its revival, and the opening scene is a great example of prolonged panic and destruction.

The attractive but hollow cast find themselves narrowly dodging a bridge collapse after one of them has a premonition, but soon the survivors are dying off one by one. They get advice from a creepy coroner (series stalwart Tony Todd) who tells them the only way to beat the curse is to kill someone. Every entry in the franchise has tried to invite a new rule to the series, and the concept of ending someone’s life to save your own is an interesting one, but is unfortunately left totally underdeveloped.

But nobody watches the Final Destination movies for their plot, they watch them for the deaths.  And the deaths in Final Destination 5 are borderline genius, with long, tense set ups involving gymnastics, acupuncture, a steel works factory, and a utensil heavy kitchen among others. So while the acting is sub-par and the story is entirely predictable (bar one slight twist at the very end), overall it is a highly entertaining  90 minutes.

Rory Cashin

Rated 16 

Final Destination 5 is released on 26th August 2011



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