Healthy Second Week US Box Office figures for 'The Guard'

Element Pictures’ The Guard took in $194,000 this past weekend August 5-7th in the US bringing its total to $309,000.  But once again it is its average revenue per screen that is worth shouting about. 

According to, The Guard’s $10,211 average on 19 screens made it one of the most successful films last weekend.  New blockbuster Rise of the Planet of the Apes topped the both total gross with $54 million and average revenue per screen with $14,803.

The only other films to beat The Guard’s average in the top 48 were thriller Gun Hill Road on 3 screens with $12,600 per screen, and Bellflower, a film written, directed, produced, edited by and starring Evan Glodell, on 2 screens with $12,000 per screen.

More evidence for The Guard that ‘if you screen it, they will come’.  We are looking forward to next Monday’s totals as it is released on more screens.


'The Guard' to expand to 100 screens in the US in August

On the back of its incredible average revenue per screen figures last week at the US Box Office, see story here, independent Irish feature The Guard will open across 100 screens in 50 cities in the US in August.


Speaking on RTE Radio 1’s Morning Ireland, producer Ed Guiney revealed that Sony gave it a ‘platform release’ in L.A. and New York and last weekend’s numbers ‘gave them the confidence to think it could break out’.  Sony will then assess its success at the end of August which could lead to an even wider release.


Described by the LA Times as ‘not just a breath but a very funny gust of fresh air’ The Guard is still showing in Irish cinemas, for more details of where you can catch it click here.


To listen to Ed Guiney on Morning Ireland click here.



'The Guard' is second at the US Box Office!!!….sort of

The Guard's Milkshake

Element Pictures The Guard phenomenal success continues as it comes second at the US Box Office in average revenue per screen in its opening weekend, trouncing blockbuster new releases such as Cowboys & Aliens and The Smurfs.

The Guard took in $80,400 across 4 screens according to for an average of $20,100 per screen,  Joe Cornish’s (Joe from comedy duo Adam and Joe) sci-fi comedy Attack the Block also out on limited release in the US this week achieved $130,000 across 8 screen for $16,250 per screen. Topping the average revenue per screen chart this past weekend is The Future directed by Miranda July taking in an impressive $28,200 on its single screen.

All three films put Cowboys & Aliens to shame as it took in a measly $9,653 per screen but a respectable $36,200,000 in total.