The Model Sligo May/June Cinema Programme


May is upon us and for the start of the summer season The Model, Sligo presents a fresh cinema programme jam packed with stunning foreign films and enthralling real life documentaries.
The programme includes; Tiny Furniture, Le Havre, Into the Abyss, Delicacy,  Jeff Who Lives at Home, Headhunters (Hodejegerne), Marley and Ratatouille.

Amongst the highlights of the programme is Kevin Macdonald’s Marley, an expansive portrait of the reggae legend Bob Marley seen through the eyes of those closest to him using in depth interviews and live vivid authentic footage. Compelling and informative, it is a must see for reggae fans and novices alike.

Director Werner Herzogs’ string of successful documentaries continues with the engrossing, Into the Abyss. This intense and impartial documentary examines the true story of two teenage Texans convicted of murder back in 2000. Harrowingly raw it includes intense interviews with the murderers themselves.  It has been described as a profound and serious film which casts a poetic, philosophical gaze over the remnants of heinous crime and the death penalty.

The beautifully shot Parisian Delicacy and Pixar’s animated Ratatouille will be shown to coincide with the SÓ Sligo Food Festival.  Ratatouille a food filled adventurous tale will be fun for all the family with a drawing and colouring activity area for kids at the screening on May 20th. Family tickets (2 adults and 2 children only €15).

Kicking off the season next week is the sharp debut from writer/director and lead role Lena Dunham in Tiny Furniture Wednesday May 02 at 6.15pm.  Dunham at 23 won SXSW’s narrative feature prize since this film has been commissioned to write a series for HBO.

You can pick up The Model Cinema programme in outlets around Sligo Town and is also available to view online on The Model website, or by calling the box office on 071-9141405.


Cinema Listings (May-June)
The Model

May 02 & 03 & 04 at 6.15pm
May 06 at 3.15pm

Tiny Furniture

€8/€7/€6 Dir: Lena Dunham. USA, 2010, 98 mins.Aura returns home from college to her artist family’s loft with a film studies degree, a failed relationship, and a lack of direction. ‘Winner of the SXSW festival’s best narrative feature prize, gets under your skin. It’s the work of a filmmaker with a stunning future.’ Rolling Stone. Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405 / 

May 09 & 10 at 6.15pm
May 13 at 3.15pm
Le Havre
€8/€7/€6 Dir: Aki Kaurismaki. Fin/Fra/Ger, subtitled, 2011, 93 min.

André Wilms a likeable middle-aged shoe-shiner is thrown off-kilter when a young Senegalese boy escapes a people-smuggling ring and needs help. The joy of the film is how its classic visuals build a story that could not be more current.‘’A lovely film about unlovely things.’’ The Irish Times.  Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405 /


May 09 & 10 at 8.15pm
May 11, 13, 16, 17, 18 & 20 at 6.15pm
Into the Abyss
€8/€7/€6 Dir: Werner Herzog. USA, 2011, 107 min.

In 2000, two teenage Texans were convicted of murder. Jason Burkett received life imprisonment; co-conspirator Michael Perry was given the death sentence. Herzog’ s documentary is a study of a triple murder and capital punishment case in Conroe, Texas. ‘A compelling reflection on capital punishment.’ The Observer. Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405 /

May 16 & 17 at 8.15pm
May 20 at 3.15pm
€8/€7/€6 Dirs: David Foenkinos & Stephane Foenkios. Fra/Swe, subtitled, 2011, 108 min.

A French romantic comedy starring the famous “Amélie” heroine (Audrey Tautou) alongside François (Pio Marmaï) as a beautiful couple joyfully in love in a picture-perfect Paris until their marriage abruptly ends. Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405 /


May 23 & 24 at 6.15pm
May 27 at 3.15pm
Jeff Who Lives at Home
€8/€7/€6. Dirs: Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass. USA,  2011, 83 min.

Directors the Duplass Brothers are back with ‘Jeff Who Lives at Home’ starring Susan Sarandon,Jason Segel and Ed Helms. A wonderful film about escaping melancholy, complex relationships, hope and honesty.  ‘…funny, touching and vital… makes the small, awkward moments of life resonate with emotional power.’  Rolling Stone .Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405 /


May 23 & 24 at 8.15pm
May 25 & 27 at 6.15pm
May 30, 31, June 03 at 6.15pm
Headhunters (Hodejegerne)
€8/€7/€6 Dir: Morten Tyldum. Nor/Ger, 2011, subtitled, 100 min.

Norwegian thriller based on a best-selling novel by Jo Nesbø.  Director Tyldum puts a black comedic spin on the brutal novel through the character Roger Brown, played by Aksel Henni who steals and sells artworks to fuel his wife’s lavish lifestyle.

‘Jo Nesbø’s novel has been expertly transformed into a cool, brutal, deeply Scandinavian thriller’. The Guardian. Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405 /


May 30 & 31 at 8.15pm
June 01 at 6.15pm
June 03 at 3.15pm
June 06 & 07 June at 8.15pm
June 08 at 6.15pm
June 10 at 3.15pm
Stroll-in Cinema – (07 June, 12.30pm)
€8/€7/€6 Dir: Kevin MacDonald. USA, 2012, 144 min.

Marley is a defining account of the truly inspirational talent that was Bob Marley. Structured around interviews with those who knew him best and filled with dynamic live footage. ‘Kevin Macdonald’s detailed portrait of Bob Marley grapples with the last king of reggae’s philosophical and religious convictions.’  The Guardian.  BookingTel. (071) 914 1405 /


Sun. 20 May, 12.30pm
€5/€15 Family ticket ( 2 adults, 2 children)
Dirs: Brad Bird & Jan Pinkava. USA, 2007, 111 min.

As part of SÓ Sligo Food Festival, this fantastic ‘foodie’ animated adventure stars Remy the rat who thinks he’s a chef.  Fun for all the family with a drawing/colouring activity area for kids. Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405

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The Model Sligo – Cinema Listings 15 Feb – 11 March 2012



(Gerard Hurley’s The Pier)

The Model Sligo have announced details of their screenings from Wednesday February 15th to Sunday March 11th 2012.

Feb. 15 at 6 pm.
Feb. 18  at 1pm.
The Pier €8/€6
Dir: Gerard Hurley, Irel. 2011, 88 mins,
After 20 years of no contact, Jack McCarthy travels from New York to his father’s death bed in Cork, only to discover his father is alive and well and has duped him into returning home. Soon, father and son are entangled in a painful battle of wills and Jack’s only relief is in the company of an attractive American tourist (the luminous Lili Taylor).
‘..beautifully composed, gorgeously acted …’ Donald Clarke, THE IRISH TIMES
Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405 /


Feb. 15, 16, 17 at 8pm.
Feb.  18 & 19 at 3pm.
Dreams of a life €8/€6
Dir: Carol Morley, UK- Irel., 2011, 95 mins.
In 2006, council officials forcibly entered a north London flat with an eviction notice, only to recoil at the decomposing body of Joyce Carol Vincent, a woman in her late 30s, who had lain there, the TV still on, for a full three years. This true story of a woman, who simply slipped away unnoticed, proves a chastening reminder of the fragility of our relationships and the daunting challenge of keeping up appearances. It’s a compassionate, haunting and remarkable work.
Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405

22, 23 & 24 Feb. at 8pm.
25 and 26 Feb. at 3pm.
29 Feb, 01, 02 March at 6.15pm.
03 & 04 March at 3.15pm.

The Artist €8/€6
Dir: Michel Hazanavicius, Fra/Bel. 2011,100min.

The story takes place in Hollywood between 1927 and 1932. Jean Dujardin’s plays, George Valentin a silent movie superstar. For Bérénice Bejo, the one-time extra who’s in love with him, the arrival of sound presents her with fresh opportunities, yet Valentin rejects the talkies as a gimmick, putting his career on the line.

Romance, obsession, glamour – and Uggy, the screen’s smartest-ever Jack Russell! – in a feat of delirious storytelling which will make you fall in love with the movies all over again.

Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405 /

29 Feb. 8.15pm
01, 02, 03 & 04 March at 8.15pm
07 & 08 March at 8.15
11 March 3.15pm

The Descendants €8/€6
Hawaiian lawyer George Clooney’s is thrust into crisis when a boating accident leaves his wife in a coma. He has two daughters to look after and a family inheritance has also charged him with deciding the future of thousands of acres of unspoiled coast. Clooney’s performance is entirely believable and increasingly sympathetic as a man who has buried himself in work and responsibility to such a degree he’s lost track of the emotional connections that make life worthwhile.

‘…packs a wicked, classy punch.’ Tara Brady

Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405



Mar 01 at 12.30pm

The Artist €5 (Children Free)

Special screening on Thursday, for parents/minders and toddlers.
This silent black and white movie is suitable for parents, babies and toddlers. An opportunity for parents and minders to see new exciting cinema releases with brunch available from 11.15am at Slice @ The Model.
Booking Tel. (071) 914 1405