Still Films Week at the IFI

Still Films

Coinciding with the exclusive release of Maya Derrington’s Pyjama Girls, the IFI are set to host a week’s supporting season of work from production company Still Films exploring the evolution of the company from its origins in the Darklight Digital Festival to the innovative and prolific production company it is today.

Alongside Derrington’s acclaimed documentary, the season will feature an exploration of Still Films’ back catalogue, a discussion with its founders, and screenings of The Rooms and Seaview.

Film Ireland brings you online coverage of the week’s events, starting with Spotlight on Pyjama Girls.

Watch this space for further coverage as the season progresses.

Please click here for details of the IFI’s schedule of events.


Still Films's ‘Pyjama Girls’ at the IFI

Pyjama Girls, a new Irish documentary by Maya Derrington examining the lives of two of Dublin’s ‘pyjama girls’, returns to the IFI for an exclusive release on the 20th August 2010. A huge hit at the IFI Stranger Than Fiction Festival where it premiered this April, the film sold out three times over with its uncompromising look at the lives of some of Dublin’s most vulnerable young people.

The cinema release of the Pyjama Girls is accompanied by a look at other films from the innovative production company, Still Films. Tickets are available from the IFI Box Office, 01 679 3477 or online at