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A City Dreaming Sat 12th July, Cinemobile, 16.00

African Pride – Thu 10 July, Cinemobile @ 14.00

An Bronntanas – Sun 13th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 20.00

A Nightingale FallingWed 9th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 19.00

Blood Fruit – Thu 10th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 15.00

The Canal – Sat 12th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 22,00

Capaillíní Chonamara Thu 10 July, Cinemobile @ 10.00

Close To Evil: Extended CutFri 11th July, Cinemobile @ 10.00

Dance Emergency Thu 10 July, Cinemobile @ 12.00

Darkness On The Edge Of Town Wed 9th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 23.00

Dreams Of A Clown – Sat 12th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 12.00

Get Up and Go -Thu 10th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 19.00

Glassland – Fri 11th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 20.00

Gold  Fri 11th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 18.00

It Came From Connemara!!Wed 9th July, Town Hall Theatre, 15.00

I Used to Live Here – Fri 11th July, IMC 6 @ 17.30

Last Hijack Sat 12th July, Cinemobile @ 12.00

The Light Of Day -Thu 10th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 23.00

Living In A Coded Land – Sun 13th July, IMC 7 @ 17.00

Mairéad Farrell: Unfinished Conversation Fri 11 Jul, Cinemobile @ 14.00

Noble – Sat 12th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 20.00

One Million Dubliners – Sat 12th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 16.00

Patrick’s Day – Sat 12th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 18.00

Poison Pen Fri 11th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 16.00

Reefer and the Model – Fri 11th July, Cinemobile @ 16.00

Shooting For Socrates – Fri 11th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 22.00

Short Film at the Fleadh – Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Stay – Fri 11th July, IMC 7 @ 14.00

The Stranger Thu 10th July, Town Hall Theatre @ 17.00


Short Film: Preview of Irish Film at the Galway Film Fleadh

Way Out West

way out west

Way Out West is a platform exclusively for filmmakers based in or showcasing the West of Ireland.
Wed 09 July Town Hall Theatre 10.00

ID Film Project 2014

ID Film Project 2014
Helping communities to tell their own stories through documentary film
Wed 09 July Cinemobile 11.00

New Irish Shorts 1: On Location – Duty

New Irish Shorts 1: On Location – Duty
This first programme of competitive shorts looks at the theme of duty.
Thu 10 July Town Hall Theatre 10.00

New Irish Shorts 2: Focus – Family

New Irish Shorts 2: Focus – Family
Focus is a theme that provides insight into families: their trials and tribulations and the strength that can hold them together.
Thu 10 July Town Hall Theatre 12.00

New Irish Shorts 3: A Different Lens

New Irish Shorts 3: A Different Lens
A Different Lens gives a platform to non-narrative films.
Fri 11 July Town Hall Theatre 10.00

New Irish Shorts 4: Point of View – Our World

New Irish Shorts 4: Point of View – Our World
Point of View is a selection of short films expressing both how we live today and how our society might look in the future.
Fri 11 July Town Hall Theatre 12.00


What happens when a disposable society starts disposing of itself?

New Irish Shorts 5: In The Mix – Love

New Irish Shorts 5: In The Mix – Love
In the Mix is a collection of shorts exploring the theme of love in its many forms.
Fri 11 July Town Hall Theatre 14.00

New Irish Shorts 6: Close Up – Hope

New Irish Shorts 6: Close Up – Hope
In this strand, Close-Up looks at the human spirit of individuals, however tested at times, and how they persevere in the face…
Sat 12 July Town Hall Theatre 10.00

New Irish Shorts 7 IFB Premiere Shorts

New Irish Shorts 7 IFB Premiere Shorts
A selection of short films produced under Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board’s Signatures Short Film Scheme.
Sat 12 July Town Hall Theatre 14.00

New Irish Shorts 8 Living Colour – Animation

New Irish Shorts 8 Living Colour – Animation
Living Colour celebrates a wide-ranging programme of animated shorts.
Sun 13 July Town Hall Theatre 09.30


New Irish Shorts 9 Real Time – Documentaries

New Irish Shorts 9 Real Time – Documentaries
Real Time is a diverse documentary strand.

Sun 13 July Town Hall Theatre 11.00


It Came From Connemara!!: Preview of Irish Film at the Galway Film Fleadh

it came from connemara

The 26th Galway Film Fleadh (8 – 13 July, 2014)

It Came From Connemara!!

Wed 9th July

Town Hall Theatre


It Came From Connemara!!, the feature documentary about Roger Corman’s film factory in Connemara, will have its world premiere at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh. The festival will be a fitting location for a film that documents an exciting but controversial time in Irish cinema history. In the mid 1990’s the legendary Hollywood B-movie producer Roger Corman created the studio that would go on to produce nearly 20 feature films with Irish locations and crews.The film is directed by Brian Reddin, and he spoke to Film Ireland about it screening at the Fleadh.”Galway is central to the story of Corman in Ireland. Galway and Connemara supplied the locations for the studio and the backdrop to all of the movies – regardless of whether they were set in space or Maine – and many of the cast and crew were Galway based. In fact, a great number of people who worked with Corman in Connemara are still working in the business today in Galway, so there is a huge connection with Galway.

“The Fleadh itself played a significant role in the story of Corman in Connemara. It was a screening of Criminal Affairs at the Fleadh in 1997 which lead to negative reports about ‘porn’ being made in the West of Ireland with Údarás grants and a minor controversy about the merits of Corman’s output. Screening the documentary at the Fleadh brings the story of Corman in Connemara full circle and we couldn’t be happier to premiere it there”.

The documentary tells how Corman brought his brand of low-budget, cult, B-movie cinema to Ireland. Responsible for launching the careers of Coppola, Scorsese and Jonathan Demme, Corman came to Ireland and, in a five-year period that was marked with controversies, created films that included Swamp Women, Attack Of The Crab Monsters and The Little Shop Of Horrors.

The documentary features exclusive interviews with Roger Corman, Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, James Brolin and Corbin Bernsen as well as interviews with the Irish cast and crew, John Brady, Celine Curtin, Maeve Joyce and Evelyn O’Rourke. The documentary was produced and directed by Brian Reddin. The DOP was Gerry MacArthur and it was edited by Ultan Murphy in Windmill Lane. The documentary was funded by TG4 and the BAI.

Tickets are available to book from the Town Hall Theatre on 091 569777, or at


A City Dreaming: Preview of Irish Film at the Galway Film Fleadh

a city dreaming

The 26th Galway Film Fleadh (8 – 13 July, 2014)

A City Dreaming

Sat 12th July



This is a story that weaves its way through half a century of history during a time which saw the city of Derry rise from poverty and neglect, to hitting the headlines across the world. Even though the people lacked material wealth, they certainly were rich in spirit. As the winds of change blew across the globe in the 1960s, so too they swept through the streets of this city. Using unseen archive and home movie footage, this is an homage to the ordinary people,a personal memoir, told through the eyes of a young boy (Gerry Anderson ), born in the 1940s, who witnesses firstly the warmth of his family and street and then the tumultuous events that saw the city and its people almost destroyed.
Could the spirit of the people survive ?

Director Mark McCauley told Film Ireland, “The film started as a collaboration between myself and the broadcaster/writer Gerry Anderson ( BBC ). Northern Ireland Screen immediately came on board when they saw a short trailer we put together. Andrew Eaton came on board as our Executive Producer and that gave us the confidence to believe that we were on the right track as Andrew was working with Ron Howard at the time on Rush. Andrew recommended Chris Martin who became our producer fresh from Good Vibrations and steered us through to the finish line.


I wanted to make a film that somehow captured the spirit of the people of the city where we both were born ( Derry ). My background is as a documentary camera who’s spent 25 years covering the trouble spots in the world from the siege of Sarajevo through to the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ( info at ) My personal experience and lasting memories of all those places is that behind all the headline grabbing violence and power politics lies a real generosity and decency amongst ordinary people. It often gets overwhelmed by the violence and hence we’re often not aware that it ever existed.I thought about how we might make a story about our own city that tried to build up the picture of those ordinary people.


Gerry and I worked on different themes and stories and very quickly it seemed that an authentic way to tell the story was through his eyes. Firstly, growing up in the 1940’s as  World War Two ended, witnessing the social and physical changes in the city, the gradual influence of the outside world on the city, culminating in the beginning of the civil rights campaign and the quick descent into violence. All told from an eyes on the street perspective.


A large percentage of the film is shot on home movie Super 8 film. I worked with the edit team of Justine Scoltock and Michael Barwise sifting through hours of film. The reactions of people to the camera is really natural as most of the material was shot by their own family and friends. In their homes and on the streets. Extraordinary pictures and faces hard to believe that they are from almost sixty years ago . They are so real it sometimes feel that you could reach in to the screen and touch them.


Gerry himself left the city for a period in the early 1970’s as I did in the mid 1980’s, so although we were from the city we were able to look at it from an outside perspective also.


 Music and poetry have been important to both of us and so we were keen try to create augment the atmospheric footage. I enlisted the help of composer Michael Keeney who recorded a beautiful orchestral score for the film, as well as using Debussy and Ennio Morricone ( watch the film to see how that  works ! ).


Marie Heaney kindly gave us permission to use a section  of film which I’d shot with Seamus only a few years ago and it was very emotional for us to use that near the end of the film as we witnessed a people so deeply marked by violence.


It’s a great honour to be selected for the Galway Film Fleadh and a privilege to let the audience see a people’s history unfold before their eyes. Many thanks to all the people, too numerous to name, who generously gave us the footage. It has been been quite a journey full of emotion for Gerry and I putting this film together and we really hope the audience get a chance to feel some of that emotion also .

Tickets are available to book from the Town Hall Theatre on 091 569777, or at

Director: Mark McCauley

Script: Gerry Anderson

Producer: Chris Martin, Andrew Eaton

Mark Mc Cauley

On the Box: Preview of Irish Film at the Galway Film Fleadh

Capaillíní Chonamara


Thu 10 Jul, Cinemobile @ 10.00


This observational documentary takes a look at one of Ireland’s most loved native horse breeds — the Conamara pony. Filmed over eight months along the rugged west coast of Ireland, it presents a charming, up-close portrait of this remarkable equine breed, charting the daily rhythms of life centered around mating, foaling, market sales and the competitive arena. The film also traces the horse’s remarkable journey from humble nineteenth-century pack animal to its current status as one of the most sought-after breeds in the world of equestrian sports.

Director: Donnacha Ó Briain


Dance Emergency

Dance Emergency

Thu 10 Jul, Cinemobile @ 12.00

Against the backdrop of seldom-seen 1940s bohemian Dublin, and suspicions of Nazi espionage, we recount an Irish-German artist’s forgotten struggle to bring Modern Dance/German Ausdruckstanz to a conservative, inchoate Ireland that was not yet ready for it. Interpreted beautifully by the great Olwen Fouéré, choreographed by Jessica Kennedy of Junk Ensemble, we frame Erina Brady’s legacy in the context of the thriving contemporary dance scene in Ireland today.

The film will be followed by a special screening of 1943: A Dance Odyssey, which focusses on Liam Ó Laoghaire’s little-known 1943 film Dance School and the tiny tots in it.

Director: Deirdre Mulrooney


African Pride

African Pride

Thu 10 Jul, Cinemobile @ 14.00

South Africa’s constitution was the first in the world to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. But rights belie the reality for many. Homophobia continues to find violent expression in assaults, rapes and murders. However, this violence is being met with visibility. Mourners, comrades, friends and survivors are taking to the streets in growing numbers for memorial marches, protests and township pride marches.

African Pride introduces us to those who are choosing visibility over silence, and explores this determined and colourful movement, its achievements and the challenges that remain.

Director: Laura Fletcher


Mairéad Farrell: Unfinished Conversation

Mairéad Farrell: Unfinished Conversation

Fri 11 Jul, Cinemobile @ 14.00

Mairéad Farrell was shot dead by the SAS in Gibraltar in 1988 along with two other unarmed members of the IRA in one of the most controversial incidents arising from the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The killing of the three provoked an international outcry and eventual enquiry. Due to her youth, her gender and her stature within the IRA, Mairéad Farrell was, unsurprisingly, quickly subsumed into the pantheon of Irish republican martyrs. But behind the mythologising and demonisation of the time, there was also a real person, a flesh and blood young woman who was prepared to kill and die for her beliefs…

Those violent bloody events on the Rock of Gibraltar twenty years ago are now history. This documentary is a conscious act of memory as Bríona Nic Dhiarmada, who was writing a book on Mairéad Farrell just before she was killed, revisits her memories in a personal attempt to contextualise and make sense of the life and death of Mairéad Farrell.

Director: Martina Durac

Cast: Bríona Nic Dhiarmada


Torthaí Na Daoirse (Blood Fruit)

Torthaí na Daoirse (Blood Fruit)

 Sun 13 Jul, Cinemobile @ 15.00

Ar an 19ú Iúil, 1984, dhiúltaigh Mary Manning, bean óg 21 bliain d’aois a bhí ag obair ag an gcúntar íocaíochta i Dunnes Stores ar shráid Anraí, dhá sheadóg Outspan a dhíol. Bhí sí ag leanacht treoir óna ceardchumann a bhí ag tacú leis an bhfeachtas frithchinedheighilte. Cuireadh Mary agus deichniúr oibrí eile a sheas an fód léi ar fionraí láithreach agus as sin, tháinig stailc.


Ní mórán cur amach a bhí ag éinne acu ar chinedheighilt agus shíl siad féin go mbeadh siad in ann filleadh ar an obair laistigh de chúpla lá. Is beag a bhí a fhios acu go raibh a seasamh le hathrú mór a chur ar an ngluaiseacht dhomhanda in aghaidh
na cinedheighilte.

Director: Sinéad O’Brien

Cast: Gabriel Uchenna, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mary Manning, Ben Dunne, Karen Gearon

Script: Sinéad O’Brien

Producers: Noel Pearson

Producers: Vanessa Gildea, Bríona Nic Dhiarmada