Success at Foyle for Filmbase/RTE Short Film



The Filmbase/RTE short film An Ode to Love, produced by Brown Bag Films won Best Animated Short Film at the recent Foyle Film Festival. Written and directed by Matthew Darragh, An Ode To Love tells the story of a man on a desert island who falls in love with a stick…

Also at the festival, Louise Ni Fhiannachta’s Rubai​ made it one step closer to an Oscar® nomination after picking up a Light in Motion (LIM) award at the Foyle Film Festival’s closing ceremony in Brunswick Moviebowl for Best Irish Short Film.

Since 1999, the Foyle Film Festival has been an Oscar® affiliated festival – one of only a handful of festivals to enjoy this honour through its Light in Motions award, sponsored by City of Derry Crystal