Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day
Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day

DIR: Bharat Nalluri • WRI: David Magee, Simon Beaufoy • PRO: Nellie Bellflower, Jane Frazer, Stephen Garrett • DOP: John de Borman • ED: Barney Pilling • DES: Sarah Greenwood • CAST: Frances McDormand, Amy Adams, Lee Pace, Ciarán Hinds, Shirley Henderson

The past seems to be catching up with us – ‘80s dungarees, ‘60s flower power T-shirts and now the screwball comedies of the ‘30s and ‘40s are making a comeback.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is set in 1939 London, where Miss Guinevere Pettigrew (played by Frances McDormand) is a middle-aged governess and out of work once again. As she can’t find a job herself she decides to take someone else’s and poses as a social secretary to American actress and singer, Delysia Lafosse (Amy Adams).

Miss Pettigrew soon finds herself thrown into the glamorous world of fame and fortune, where she is not the only one with a secret. She must help Delysia with her love life and career, which are complicated by the presence of three men: talented pianist Michael, aggressive nightclub owner Nick and an impressionable junior producer Phil.

Even Miss Pettigrew gets caught up in a love triangle between a successful fashion designer Joe and his fiancé Edythe, who senses Miss Pettigrew may be out of her league and decides to use this to her advantage. With so much to take onboard this will be 24 hours Miss Pettigrew won’t soon forget.

As far as comedies go, the old-fashioned screwball comedies come out on top, bringing back the days when ‘damn’ was the curse of the day and suave leading men were plentiful. Sadly today’s standards of comedy have since been lowered with most involving a few cheap laughs that after 24 hours will not even cross your mind.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is the type of romantic comedy that most girls wish for. It draws you into the story and you find yourself becoming sympathetic towards the characters and secretly hoping all will end happily ever after, wrapped up in a neat little bow.

With an enchanting leading lady for the boys and three charming leading men for the girls, this is a comedy that can be enjoyed again and again.