DVD: Eamon


DIR/WRI: Margaret Corkery • PRO: Seamus Byrne • DOP: David Grennan • ED: Mairead McIvor • DES: Mairead McIvor • CAST: Amy Kirwan, Darren Healy, Robert Donnelly

Eamon is a product of the Catalyst Project – a scheme offering new filmmakers creative control and a budget of €275,000. Its director, Cork-born Margaret Corkery, has made the most of her low budget and fashioned a black comic tale of familial dysfunction.

6-year-old Eamon (Robert Donnelly) is taken to Wicklow on holiday by his self-seeking mother, Grace (Amy Kirwan), and feckless father, Daniel (Darren Healy). Cherub-faced Eamon is a maladjusted Irish comic version of Damien in The Omen; however, the most havoc he wreaks is in on his father – compounding his sexual frustration by being the apple of his mother’s eye (when her eye is not seeking out muscle-bound beach bathers), relegating ‘daddy’ to late night acts of onanistic fiddling.

Corkery demonstrates a skilful control of both form and subject matter, as the film’s character-driven narrative explores Oedipal issues and sexual tension. The scenes are skilfully crafted and well performed as the family’s dysfunction spirals out of control. Employing carefully studied cinematography and precise dialogue, Eamon is a well-formed film that many will find a rewarding experience. And it reminds us all how lucky we were to survive those ‘summer’ holidays with our families packed away and come out at the end of them intact and somewhat sane…

Steven Galvin

Eamon is available on DVD from 19th November.

Technical Specs

Runtime: Ireland: 86 min
Sound Mix: Dolby
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1



Margaret Corkery’s award-winning comedy, Eamon, will be released on sell-through DVD on Friday, 19th November at retail outlets nationwide.

Eamon has picked up numerous awards at festivals worldwide including the Best Film award in the Forum of Independents at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and was announced as part of the official selection at the Toronto Film Festival. It was was also nominated at the Irish Film and Television Awards 2010 for the Best Film, Best Script and Best Actress.

Written and directed by Margaret Corkery, Eamon is the quirky tale of a doomed family holiday in Ireland.

The film was produced by Seamus Byrne for Zanita Films under the CatalystProject scheme. This scheme was devised by Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board, Screen Training Ireland, Filmbase, The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, TV3 and The Arts Council to mentor filmmakers in the art of low-budget filmmaking and fund successful participants to produce a feature film.

The film has a 15A certificate, and the DVD will retail for €9.99.