Competition: Win tickets to the Jameson Cult Film Club screening of ‘LA Confidential’ with special guest Danny DeVito



Thanks to the wonderful people at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and the Jameson Cult Film Club, we have a pair of tickets to giveaway to a special Jameson Cult Film Club screening of the 1997 classic LA Confidential on Thursday, 21st February. Guests will also be treated to an on-stage Q&A with Danny DeVito, the legendary actor-director-producer, Mr Hush-Hush himself, after the screening.

For your chance to win tickets to this exclusive event, simply answer the below question:

What character does Danny DeVito play in LA Confidential?

Email your answer to before Monday, 18th February, when the Film Ireland Hat will pick the winner

You must be over 18 to enter this competition.

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JDIFF 2013: Danny DeVito to take part in exclusive on-stage Q&A at the Jameson Cult Film Club screening of LA ConfidentiaL


As part of the 11th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, Hollywood star Danny DeVito will attend and take part in an exclusive onstage Q&A at the Jameson Cult Film Club screening of his movie, LA Confidential on Thursday 21st February.


Speaking about the screening, Festival Director Gráinne Humphreys said “It is a great honour to welcome Danny DeVito to the festival, I really admire him as a director and producer and he really makes me laugh.  This is a man who, with Jersey Films, produced Pulp Fiction and most of the classic American films of the 80’s and 90’s. The fact that he could have that effect on modern cinema, and at the same time give performances as subtle as he was in LA Confidential or as completely over the top as he was in Romancing the Stone is quite spectacular. It’s impossible to think about Danny DeVito without smiling, and if that is the gift the festival gives to Dublin audiences, I will be very happy.”


Following on from last year’s successful Jameson Cult Film Club screenings of Silence of the Lambs, JAWS, Blues Brothers and Reservoir Dogs, Jameson are kicking off the 2013 series with the neo-noir film, LA Confidential. This very special screening promises to transport the audience right back to glamorous Los Angeles in 1953 with its compelling mix of LA history, police corruption and celebrity scandals. Themed special effects and live theatre timed perfectly with the onscreen action will create an electric atmosphere in the venue. To apply for free tickets to this event, please log onto


JDIFF 2013: Preview – Natan


The 11th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (14-24 February 2013)


Fri, 15th February

David Cairns and Paul Duane’s absorbing documentary investigates why Bernard Natan’s name has been erased from the history of cinema, despite dominating the French film industry through the 1920s and ‘30s?

Paul Duane writes:

How did the man who, more than any other, paved the way for a French national cinema come to be completely forgotten, especially so in France? How is it that what little attention is paid to him centres on his alleged career as a pioneer and performer in early gay and BDSM porn? Why was Bernard Natan’s name erased from the history of cinema, despite the fact that he dominated the French film industry for most of the 1920s and 30s?

David Cairns and Paul Duane have excavated an extraordinary tale that aims to rewrite the history of European cinema. The man who brought sound cinema to France and Cinemascope to the screen before the word existed, the French equivalent of Cecil B de Mille, came to an end so shockingly tragic that it seems unbelievable. Rumours and lies have swarmed around his story for decades but this documentary finally brings the truth to light.

From the maker of the Grierson award-nominated portrait of writer John Healy, Barbaric Genius, and the award-winning music documentary Very Extremely Dangerous, Natan is simultaneously a visually experimental murder mystery, an inspiring portrait of the birth of cinema and a savage history of French bigotry in the 1920s and 30s.

Paul Duane and David Cairns will attend the screening

Natan is a Reel Art film. Reel Art is an Arts Council scheme designed to provide film artists with a unique opportunity to make highly creative, imaginative and experimental documentaries on an artistic theme

Book tickets here or drop into the Festival Hub in Filmbase in Temple Bar.


Report: JDIFF 2013 Launch


The JDIFF (Jameson Dublin International Film Festival) officially launched its programme in a presentation at the Lighthouse Cinema last night,  23rd January. The event, opened by actors Killian Scott (Love / Hate) and Kelly Campbell (One Hundred Mornings), was a showcase of the festival’s lineup for the year. Grainne Humphreys, Festival Director, listed off the impressive range of films and talent coming to Dublin in the next few weeks. Film luminaries such as Costa-Gavras, Robert Towne, Frank Langella, Tim Roth, Mary Harron, Joss Whedon and many more will be attendance this year. The festival’s guest of honour this year is Danny DeVito and will be attending two screenings, War of the Roses and LA Confidential –  the latter as part of the Jameson Cult Film Club.

The focus this year for the festival is on documentaries. The film will feature the world premiere of Blood Rising, the story of Juarez, Mexico’s corrupt power structures and the devastating effects it has on the people, particularly women. Directed by Mark McLoughlin and Brian Maguire, the documentary will close out the festival and is part of the Arts Council’s Reel Art documentary programme. Broken Song, a documentary that follows the trials and tribulations of three Northside Dublin hip-hop artists promises to be an engaging and intimate look into the lives of struggling musicians in Ireland today. Directed by Claire Dix, the screening will also have the director herself in attendance. As well as documentaries, the festival this year will also continue its ‘Out of the Past’ season with some fantastic films on show. Fritz Lang’s follow-up to Metropolis, Spies, will be screened along with a live musical accompaniment by Gunther Buchwald. Also, Billy Wilder’s Sunset Blvd. and Jerry Schatzberg’s Scarecrow will also be screened.
The Festival has something for everyone; not just die-hard film buffs. The first screening of Ryan Gosling’s new film, The Place Beyond The Pines, promises to be a darking and gripping crime drama to rival 2011’s Drive. Directed by Derek Cianfrance, the film is his follow-up to 2010’s Blue Valentine – also starring Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately, Ryan Gosling won’t be in attendance – or so we’ve been told! Dario Marianelli, the composer of such films like V For Vendetta, Atonement’ and Pride & Prejudice, will be attending the festival and performing with the RTE Concert Orchestra at the NCH. For film music lovers, it promises to be a fantastic night as Marianelli plays through some of the best of his work.
As well as screenings, the Festival will also host a number of workshops and masterclasses in screenwriting, directing, producing and much, much more. Chief among them is Hollywood legend, Robert Towne – delivering a keynote speech at the festival. Festival director Grainne Humphreys broke from her prepared speech on the night to gush about Towne rattling off anecdotes from his script-doctoring of The Godfather during the planning stages of his visit. Casting expert Margery Simkin – who worked as casting director for Tony Scott, Martin Brest, James Cameron, Terry Gilliam and many others – will be giving a talk on, naturally, casting in films. Comedy group, The Rubberbandits, will also be holding a talk on ‘The Economics of YouTube’ which promises to be an interesting event.
Overall, JDIFF looks set to be a feast for film lovers of all stripes. With a diverse range of films on offer and film legends in attendance, JDIFF promises to be a highlight of the year.