JDIFF 2012: Shorts


Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Other Presentations: JDIFF Shorts

Friday, 24th February, 6:30pm, Light House Cinema

The fabulous final JDIFF weekend got off to a top-notch start with a fantastic feast of fresh films – of the short variety, of course. These six hand-picked gems showcase the crème de la crème of Ireland’s talent, all the while making the audience laugh, tugging on our heartstrings and documenting some amazing characters.

First up was another excellent short, shot by the talented crew over at IADT. The Centre of the Universe tells the story of a young airhostess with the power to save the universe. This quirky sci-fi is written and directed by Brian Dunster and stars Michelle Beamish, Rosemary Henderson, Sophie Peacock and the fantastically funny David Michael Scott.

Following this was Frontiersman, which provided quite a contrast. This documentary follows the incredible stories of rugged individualists, sole traders, and entrepreneurs from Donegal; Arsene, Paddy Toye, Liam Grier, Alphie McCollum, Pat Gillespie, Eamon Friel and James McDaid. Heartfelt, eccentric and truly inspiring, this (quite long) short was created for the Sharing Stories project by director Derek O’Connor.

The tone got a bit heavier next with Thomas Hefferon’s Switch. This Galway Film Centre/RTÉ funded short tells the tragic tale of a man trying to atone for hit and run, where he fled the scene two years earlier, leaving a man dead and his daughter seriously injured. This piece is put together well, but the performances from Barry Barnes, Lesley Conroy and Jane McGrath are simply amazing.

This was succeeded by a rom-com to lighten the mood. Directed by Shimmy Marcus and supported by the Goethe Institute, Rhinos is absolutely gorgeous romance that is certainly not lost in translation. Escaping her tumultuous relationship, the vivacious Ingrid spends a day with quiet, reserved Thomas. He takes her sightseeing around Dublin for where they share a deep understanding ¬– despite their fundamental language barrier. * I’m sorry other shorts, you were really very good, but this was without doubt my undisputed favorite. Perhaps ever.

Up next was Still Films’ observational documentary Rats Island. This quiet, original piece showed a day in the life of Eddie, a man who was unemployed and homeless until he moved to a small island in a river estuary with his son, Andrew. Directed by Mike Hannon, this film subtlety emphasises the hardship of daily life for this odd charismatic character.

And the final film of the evening was Pairs and Spares, a light comedy about feuding bowlers in a strike-fuelled showdown. Philip Kelly directs a fun Warrior films’ short featuring Rachel-Mae Brady, Paul Halpin and Jack Hickey.

A lovely balance of drama, romance and comedy, these shorts really hit the spot and made me forget about the many longs I had left to watch.

Gemma Creagh

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Berlinale Talent Campus #10 — The Talent Press Call for Applications


We’d like to invite you and/or your colleagues to apply for Talent Press, a project of the Berlinale Talent Campus, Goethe-Institut, and FIPRESCI (the International Federation of Film Critics). Young film critics and film journalists will be invited to Berlin to report on the films at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival (February 9 – 19, 2012) and on the events of the Berlinale Talent Campus (February 11 – 16, 2012).

The call for applications for Talent Press is now open. Please read the following application regulations carefully (they can also be found online at www.berlinale-talentcampus.de  and www.fipresci.org


Young film critics or journalists

— Fluent in English (in writing and speaking);

— Eager to report on films screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and on events held during the Berlinale Talent Campus 2012;

— Having published articles in newspapers, film magazines, on websites or at universities.


— To be willing to cover a broad range of journalistic work: you will write interviews, reviews, reports, articles and features on the Berlinale Talent Campus and the Berlin International Film Festival

— To attend daily editorial meetings with a personal mentor (see below)

The work you write may be published on www.berlinale-talentcampus.de, www.fipresci.org and www.goethe.de Participants will grant unlimited use and exploitation rights in and to all articles and reviews done in the framework of the Berlinale Talent Campus and the Berlin International Film Festival.


— The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and to be with 350 young talented filmmakers from all over the world and to experience the day-to-day buzz of a prestigious A-Festival.

— You will be guided through the Berlin International Film Festival by international film critics such as Chris Fujiwara (film critic, editor “Defining Moments in Movies”), Dana Linssen (co-publisher De Filmkrant), Derek Malcolm (London Evening Standard), Stephanie Zacharek (Chief film critic Movieline) and Oliver Baumgarten (former Chief Editor “Schnitt”). Rubaica Jaliwala is your contact person from the Berlinale Talent Campus team.   

— Every day, you have the opportunity to write a review about a film from the festival programme or short reports of an event at the Campus programme, and will discuss it with your fellow participants and film critics.

— Free accommodation in youth hostels in Berlin from February 9 – 16, 2012.

— A share of the travel expenses depending on your country of origin.


— Curriculum vitae and personal data (address, email etc.)

— Up to three (3) original copies of articles that you have published in the last two (2) years (if these articles are not in English you should supply us with a decent translation as a proof of your English writing skills for each article).


You can only apply on the Berlinale Talent Campus website:


(All the relevant information and the application form can be found by clicking on APPLY NOW on the homepage of the Berlinale Talent Campus site.)
— Get an application number on the website;
— Log in and fill out the complete online application form;
— Please ensure that you have filled out the online application completely. If you are unable to upload your articles you can send them by regular mail;
— Your work must be at the Berlinale Talent Campus offices by October 5, 2011;
Please make sure your name and application number are clearly displayed on the articles you send. 

If you have any queries please contact info@berlinale-talentcampus.de

The application deadline is October 5, 2011. Successful candidates will be notified by the end of December.

Kind regards, 

The Berlinale Talent Campus team
Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin
Potsdamer Strasse 5
D-10785 Berlin
T +49 (30) 259 20 515
F +49 (30) 259 20 519

The Berlinale Talent Campus is an initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival. The Talent Press is organised in co-operation with FIPRESCI and the Goethe-Institut.

FIPRESCI – International Federation of Film Critics
Schleissheimer Str. 83, D-80797 Munich, Germany
T +49 (89) 18 23 03, F +49 (89) 18 47 66
info@fipresci.org, www.fipresci.org