Dreams Of A Clown: Preview of Irish Film at the Galway Film Fleadh



The 26th Galway Film Fleadh (8 – 13 July, 2014)

Dreams Of A Clown 

Sat 12th July

Town Hall Theatre


Rolling between villages and towns around rural Ireland for nine months of the year, Circus Gerbola becomes a place outside the ordinary world, a place centered around the exuberant clown, eccentric but generous husband, and the loving father of three: Mikey Gerbola. Mikey is the key into an artistic mini-universe that is an expression of a tradition and civilisation. He is tied to a healthy social family pattern going back eight generations.


Today the traditional circus world comes across tough challenges. Despite severe pressures and financial troubles, Mikey and Tara manage to keep their family circus on the road.


Director Dieter Auner will attend.

Director: Dieter Auner

Cast: Mikey Gerbola, Tara Gerbola, lake Gerbola

Producers: Siún Ní Raghallaigh, Dieter Auner