Saoirse Ronan in Dirty Dancing?

Paddy Power are currently offering odds of 20/1 on Ms Ronan playing the role of Baby in the upcoming remake of Dirty Dancing. Saoirse would most likely be playing opposite Justin Timberlake, who is the 3/1 favourite to take on the Swayze mantle.

But although we know our Irish acting powerhouse would do us all proud and have the time of her life, we have to admit that an American actress is much more likely to be the wind through Johnny’s tree. Emma Stone, with her perky cuteness, is 5/1 to get the part.

However, Stone’s co-star will have their work cut out for them if the ‘spider monkey’ incident is anything to go by. Whilst filming a Dirty Dancing lift scene in the film Crazy, Stupid, Love, co-star Ryan Gosling got a kick in the neck. The goal was to have Ryan lift Emma above his head, but Emma had a panic attack and couldn’t do it. ‘I ran for him to pick me up, and I don’t know what happened,’ she said. ‘I went spider monkey around his head and kicked him in the throat.’

Ryan has shared his side of the experience: ‘Emma was convinced I was going to drop her. She turned into a bag of rats, going all over the place.’

So here’s to a fantastic blooper-reel in the upcoming remake. We’ll just have to wait, with hungry eyes…