The New Digital Filmmaker’s Guide: An Introduction


Christopher Brennan introduces his new series that takes on the challenges filmmakers face in the new digital film landscape.

With the rapid growth of digital technology over the past few years we have seen a complete overhaul in the film landscape. Finally, it is possible for anybody to create extremely thought-provoking and top-quality films.

However, as more and more people managed to access the tools to tell their own unique stories, the film industry quickly became a highly competitive arena.

Soon enough, this new digital film landscape began presenting a whole new level of obstacles and challenges to overcome.

In this series, my goal is to present some ideas and strategies on how best to tackle these obstacles through the navigation of new territories such as crowdfunding, social media and online distribution while also providing insight into the crucial aspects needed to get your film into production.

Or another way of putting it: The areas that really concern the modern filmmaker!

But Who Am I?

Now before we go any further, you might be wondering who in the blue hell I am?! My name is Christopher Brennan, I am a filmmaker, screenwriter and digital marketing specialist. Over the past 6 years or so I have been involved in a variety of different film projects (in all the various department). These days, however, I tend to focus mainly on writing, directing and producing.

I came into the business from the academic side, gaining a Masters in Digital Feature Film Production at Filmbase/Staffordshire University. I guess this might be one of the reasons why I have become so fascinated by these new models of production, film marketing, distribution and audience identification.

Over the past couple of years, however, I have also been working in digital marketing; developing an understanding for how this new era of advertising and audience engagement truly works.

But enough about me! I just wanted to show you that I’m not just here to blow smoke up your ass (Well not yet anyway!).

Join the Conversation

I also wanted to say that in no way is this series designed to be a one-way channel of communication. No, the reason Film Ireland have graciously given me some space on their site is so we can get a real conversation going. Not just with me… With each other!

Every year that passes, our industry leaps forward with new technologies and innovations. By the time we have just mastered one thing, it has already changed or evolved into something else. So it’s really important that the Irish film industry has a hub where we can discuss and examine these developments! I guess that’s basically the reason I’m writing this now..

My intention is to bring some interesting and engaging ideas to light. Many of which already exist (I might slip my own ideas in there from time to time!).

From here, we, as members of the Irish filmmaking community, can discuss, test and possibly expand on this new ideas and theories that are out there, with the express intention of creating better films that will entertain and engage an already hungry audience.

If you find that a particular idea or topic might be beneficial, let us know! Or if you downright loathe it, then please tell us why (but, in a calm, mature fashion of course!).

So going forward, if there is an area in specific that you would like us to cover, drop me a line and I will look into it. Either by commenting below or tweeting @FilmIreland.

Alternatively, you can hit me up at @chrisbrennan_1 and let me know what’s on your mind!

Let’s get your story off the ground!