Call For: Female Actor

Film is a short neo-noir that will hopefully be developed into a feature length story. Unpaid but all expenses covered. Role is for a woman aged 20 to 40. Character has to pass for Arabic in appearance. Must have passport as there will be a four-day shoot in a country in Europe.

Apply with CV to


Call For: Two Leads For Comedy Short in DublinNew


Tuesday Night is a comedy about the sensationalised media representation of trans people, and the burdens of local planning regulation.

Frank is a bored, small-town police detective who’s been raised on too much TV. His only frame of reference for the trans community is what he’s seen on CSI, Law and Order, and big Hollywood movies like Silence of the Lambs.

Then one day, Lynne walks in. She’s a sharp, no BS, middle class stockbroker who just happens to be trans. She’s got a bland complaint out her neighbour’s backyard (something to do with a shed) but all Frank sees an opportunity to unearth a daft transphobic conspiracy just like he’s seen on TV.

So now Lynne’s got to try and cope with this idiot and steer him toward what’s really important – getting that shed removed before the long weekend

Please send on any showreels or footage of previous work.

The shoot will be over two days on the 19th and 20th of November.

Actors will also need to be available for rehearsal at some point in the previous week.

This is Pondering’s second short with our first recently being selected and screened at the BAFTA affiliated, London Short Film Festival.

We have a wonderful crew involved and our set will be extremely professional but we expect it to be a lot of fun too.

Food and drinks will also be provided throughout the shoot.

Payment: €160 for two days


Frank is a lonely, small-town detective who’s been watching too much TV. He has a fantasy about what a detective ought to be doing (hunting down bad guys and uncovering conspiracies) whereas he spends most of his time dealing with littering and parking tickets. We need a strong comedy performer who can be both overbearing and pathetic.

Males, aged 40 to 60 from Dublin Region, Ireland

  • Acting experience: Previous unpaid speaking roles – Previous paid speaking roles
  • Languages: English

Apply now


Lynne is a no-nonsense, somewhat irritable professional with a hell of a lot more going on in her life than Frank. We’re looking for a performance that’s confident, sarcastic and a little mischievous – as a trans person, Lynne refuses to be a victim and places an emphasis on getting what she wants out of the circumstances she finds herself in.

We want to cast a member of the trans community in the role of Lynne – we’re looking for somebody who can bring their own life experiences to the fore.

Females, aged 28 to 50 from Dublin Region, Ireland

  • Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience
  • Languages: English

Apply now


Call For: Actors for Ad


Hello Camera are holding a casting call in Dublin Friday 23rd.

***PAID*** Call for actors shooting TV ad in coming weeks (Exact Shoot Dates TBC).

3 Actors required:

1 X Male: Playing range mid 40s to play husband
1 X Female: Playing range mid 40s to play wife to above hubbie. Couple are typical Irish customers with a slightly humorous edge
1 X Male – Tradesman: Playing range: mid 40s to late 50s.

Please include link with showreel of latest work and relevant TV experience

Full details:Hellocamera book-online


Call For: Actors


Promo video seeks a father (30-40) and daughter (6-9) from Dublin to shoot approx one minute of footage and one minute of a conversation between the two for a promotional video being used apply for Storyland funding.

The video will promote a short Grace Corry is producing called The Article, which examines the fathers roll in the debate surrounding the eighth amendment.


Please contact


Call For: Actors

poster (1)
Filmmaker Bertie Brosnan is shooting a feature film called CON in late May, early June in his hometown of Tralee. A casting session is being held on May 7th in the Medowlands Hotel, Tralee between 10am and 4pm.
All shapes and sizes are welcome, little experience to very experienced. The film broaches the theme of reunification of estranged families.
For the more serious actor, contact Bertie directly at this
You can visit Bertie’s  work at:

Call For: Open Casting


Louise Kiely Casting have announced an open casting for leads in an upcoming feature film.


The Film will shoot in Spring/Summer 2016
Locations: East and possibly West Coast of Ireland.

DATE: SUNDAY 24th January 15
VENUE: FilmBase, Temple Bar
TIME: Doors 11am – 4pm



WHAT TO PREPARE: For this open casting, you need to learn a short scene off by heart before you come in. In order to receive the scene, please follow the simple steps below.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS of MINORS and anyone over AGE 18 should send an email with the following info to

Please put NAME & SURNAME of Actor/Young Person in Subject Bar.

RECENT PHOTO – Head and Shoulders

1. Name and Surname of Actor
2. AGE and Date of Birth of Actor
3. Height of Actor in Centimetres
4. Address of Actor
5. Agent of Actor – if applicable
6. Name and Surname of Guardian
7. Email Address of Guardian
8. Phone Number of Guardian
9. Any acting experience of Actor

In return,Louise Kiely Casting will send you an email with the scene for the Actor to prepare.

Please note: All minors must be accompanied to the casting by an Adult. Louise Kiely Casting cannot deal directly with minors.



Call For: Cast


Industrious Dark are seeking actors for a new short film for a – day shoot scheduled between 26th September- 4th October in Belfast.

Auditions will be held Monday, 31st August in Belfast, open to actors of all experience but must be based in Northern Ireland.

The film, Prick, is a topical drama around the subject of diabetes, showing the highs and lows and general daily life of a diabetic.

Prick was awarded funding through Northern Ireland Screen’s recent short film call. The ultra low budget of £2.5k means Industrious Dark can only cover expenses.



TOM (Lead) Playing age 25-35

Was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about three years ago and, after a rocky period, is experiencing a relatively new-found confidence integrating the condition into his everyday life. His general mood is upbeat and positive about the future.

BETH (Lead) Playing age 25-35

Beth had been with Tom for about two years before the diagnosis and has supported him throughout.

A creative professional battling her own fears.

DOCTOR (1 scene) Playing age 30+

Female Doctor who is all business. Works hard and is good at her job but with a slightly frosty disposition.

GERRY (3 scenes) Playing age 25-35

A co-worker and friend of Tom’s, Gerry is a bit of a ladies’ man with the chat. The charmer of the office.

HANNAH (1/2 scenes) Playing age 25-35

Beth’s pregnant friend. Blissfully happy about her impending arrival.

NURSE (1 scene) Female, playing age 30+

RECEPTIONIST (1 scene) Male or female, playing age 30+


6 Males needed for 1/2 filming day. Playing age 25-35

2 Females (1 scene each) Playing age 25-35


Call For: Actors for Feature


Vico Films is currently casting for a new micro-budget feature project. The film will be shot on location in Cork and will shoot in early summer 2015. The film will be written and directed by award winning, Cork based filmmaker Peter Foott.

They are currently searching for two male lead actors for the film, minimum age 15. Actors should be within the playing-age range of 14-19 years and based in Cork. No previous acting experience is necessary; the director will work with the actors to create their characters.

Interested applicants should create a short piece to camera video where they tell  a little about themselves.

IMPORTANT: This should be unrehearsed, unscripted, and as natural as possible. We are looking for applicants who are natural and comfortable on camera.

This video should be uploaded privately (with a password) to Youtube or Vimeo,

A LINK to this video must then be sent, along with the necessary PASSWORD and CONTACT DETAILS to

This is a micro budget project, however, chosen actors will be paid a small amount and their expenses covered.

Deadline for applications: Monday February 9th 2015, at 5pm.


Call for: Cast for Feature


Open casting day is being organised for 27th Jan for the following:

Adult male and female remaining roles, supporting roles, featured extras and extras.

The venue is Dublin city centre in Filmbase, Temple Bar, 10am to 5pm.

For speaking roles please bring a short monologue (2 mins max).  Producers will provide a short script (on the day) for readings.

Please note that it is adults only who are asked to attend the casting day.

These roles are paid.


Call For: Actors

Callfor-Final154-150x150 are looking for a number of Galway-based actors to play the role of patients on an medical E-learning platform. The following profiles are required:


• 2 Females in early 20s

• female, early 30s

• Middle aged male, 45-50

• Middle aged female 55-60

• Male, mid 30s

• Male, mid 20s

• Male, elderly, 70s

Actors will be required for around half a day of filming. Filming takes place on Sep 27/28 and Oct 4/5. Actors must be available on at least one of these days.

The work is for a medical education website called

Each actor will have to act as a patient for 4-6 2-minute medical scenarios that will be filmed.

For example:


Applications, preferably accompanied by CV, headshot etc. to before Friday 19 September. Casting will begin immediately, so apply early.

Paid gig, rates depend on the experience of the actor, but good people with experience wanted, so around €200 or so.


Call For: Cast for Short & Feature


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Rice Christian Films are currently preparing to start work on two projects – one short, one (possibly) feature length.

The short requires:

  • Male actor playing mid 30s with a strong eastern European accent (an actor for whom English is not their first language would suit well). Ability to ride a motorbike would also help.
  • Male actor playing early 20s.
  • Female actor playing early 20s. 

The longer film requires:

  • Male actor playing mid 30s to mid 40s.
  • Several male actors with strong improvisational skills playing 30 to 50 for smaller parts.

The short will film in May, the feature piece in August. Please send on links to showreels with either ‘short’ or ‘feature’ in the subject line to , attn. Garry or go to the ‘casting’ link at 

The roles are unpaid but should either film meet with any commercial success, Rice Christian Films will be delighted to settle the account.


Call For: Actors

Illustration: Adeline Pericart
Actors for feature film in Cork required – [Small fee + Expenses covered]

Director Ian Ruby is casting for Dead Dogs, a self financed, low-budget feature film to be shot in and around Cork city in late September / early October. The film will be shot in no more than 12 days after a short period of rehearsals. A small fee will be paid with food and transport provided.

The film is currently casting for the following roles:

LISA: (Female, mid 20s) Lisa is balancing motherhood with studying for a degree when her troubled, ex – boyfriend Don comes back into her life. Things become complicated further for Lisa when she finds herself falling for and embarking on an illicit affair with Don’s best friend, James.

JAMES: (Male, late 20s) James is finishing up a Phd and preparing to emigrate when his old friend, Don comes back on the scene. James reluctantly reconnects with Don but soon finds himself drawn into a dangerous web of deceit when he begins an affair with Don’s partner, Lisa.

RITCHIE: (Male, late teens) A shy, loner, Ritchie lives with his father and terminally ill mother. A habitual weed smoker, he finds himself in serious trouble when he is unable to pay a debt to a vicious drug dealer. Terrified and hurt, Ritchie turns to his neighbour Don for protection.

The film is also casting for other supporting roles so if you are not suitable for any of the roles listed above but are still interested on being involved, do get in touch.

Dead Dogs is a dark, contemporary drama about one man’s struggle to reconnect with his family and build a new life for himself. However, his actions and those of the people closest to him lead to devastating consequences for all of them.

The film’s director, Ian Ruby, is a graduate of St. John’s College Film Production course. His two short film, Threesome and Clean Teeth were both screened at the Cork Film Festival in 2009 and 2011 respectively. He has worked on feature films by directors such as Carmel Winters and Paul Fraser as well as working as a Stage Manager in Cork Arts Theatre and Cork Opera House productions.

Auditions by appointment. Please direct all enquiries to Ian at


Call For: Actors for Short Film


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Internationally award-winning Ted’s Beard! Productions require 3 actors (2 female, 1 male) for their short film The Unquiet Grave shooting at the end of August.

In the film a young man struggles with the loss of his girlfriend. When she unexpectedly returns from the dead, he must decide whether it is time to move on.

Dean – Late twenties to early thirties, a tormented soul with drink problems, struggling to get over Eva’s death.

Young Woman – Late teens to early twenties, feisty and impulsive, plays the other love interest.

Eva – Mid-twenties, Dean’s undead girlfriend, exasperated at his unwillingness to let her go.

Please note this is an unpaid role, but food and reasonable expenses will be covered.

Please send C.V. and headshots to (showreel not necessary but it is a plus)

Closing date for submissions is August 3rd


Call For: Male and Female Actors of All Ages

Illustration by Adeline Pericart

Auditions to be held on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY  16TH 11am to 4pm at Cluain Mhuire College, Galway (Centre for Creative Arts & Media)



Please note that all roles are UNPAID.




“Massacre” – Short horror film.

Director – Louise Buckley

To be shot in Galway between February 22nd – 24th.

Looking for: Male actor – Mid 20’s

Female actor – Mid 20’s


“Mother” – Short horror film.

Director – Tommy O’ Donnell

To be shot in Galway between March 22nd and 25th.

Looking for: Female actor – early 40’s

Female actor – 18-30

Male actor -18-25

Female actor, 8-12 (*Must be accompanied by Parent/Guardian)


“The Dance” (working title) – Experimental short

Director: Niamh O’ Neill

To be shot in Galway between 8th and 10th March.

Looking for: Male actor – 20 – 40

Female actor – Early 20’s

Extras may also be cast.


“Spilled Milk” – Short Experimental

Director: Christian Burton

To be shot in Galway between 8th and 10th March.

Looking for: Male actor – 23 – 30

Male actor – 30 – 40

Male actor – 10 – 13 (*Must be accompanied by Parent/Guardian)

Female actor – 40 – 50

Female actor – 23 – 30



EMAIL: c_treacy@hotmail .com

TEL: (085) 1658587




Call For: Budding Irish language actors to join ‘Ros na Rún’


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Ros na Rún are seeking both male and female actors to join the show.

Auditions will be held on the set of Ros na Rún in Spiddal, Co Galway. Fluent Irish is essential for all roles.

If you are interested in auditioning, simply email your CV with a recent photo to before the 30th November 2012.

Ros na Rún will then contact you to arrange an audition.


Call For: Male Actors

 Illustration: Adeline Pericart


This is a casting call for Believe It Or Not, a short film to be shot the weekend 6th – 7th October (Provisional). The shoot will take place in Dublin. Male 25-35 & Male 35-50 required.

This is a no-budget production and therefore the roles are unpaid. There will however be lunch, snacks and refreshments provided on the day. Actors will also be provided with a copy of the finished film.

Rehearsals might be needed so flexibility and above all reliability is essential.

Believe It Or Not is a short dark comedy set in Dublin.

Jason & Floyd are 2 hit-men on one of the lower rungs of the criminal underworld ladder. They have worked as a pair for some time. They are holed up in a lockup making final preparations for their next job. However, a difference of opinion could thwart their plans before they even get started….
The Roles:

Jason: (35-50) Jason has been around the block and seen it all. He is tough, no-nonsense and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He likes to be in control and this includes himself and his temper. He has taken anger management classes in the past so he can better keep his cool in tense, fraught situations.

Floyd: (25-35) Floyd is a younger less experienced hit-man. He likes to be well prepared for the job. He has unique opinions on certain topics, and sincerely holds them, so sees no reason not to speak his mind.

How to apply:

Production: Curved Films

Enquiries: Tom Lynch

Headshots & CV to be sent to:

Selected applicants will be notified for audition.

Auditions will be held in Dublin during the week commencing 10th September.


New online directory of talent and crew launched, an online actors, model, crew and voiceover directory has been launched. The website is aimed at professionals, fresh talent, amateurs and students. is being promoted to production companies, casting directors and PM’s in Ireland, UK and the USA.

Over 400 production companies, casting directors and photographers can access through their relationship with

The first 100 new members to sign up using the code ‘casting’, will only pay €40 and the first ten people using this code will only be charged €10.

To register please visit


Issue 131 – Work You Can Bank On


Adam Lacey chats to Voicebank, and Irish agency for talented talkers

There are probably a large number of us who spend some of these cold winter evenings lolling about our sitting rooms, mocking the sleazy tones of ‘yer man from that ad’ or encountering Ben Dunne on the radio doing it all himself in a decidedly odd manner. The truth is, underneath what seems like the simple job of reading a brief script for an ad, there is a bustling industry that provides a tidy earner for those in the undependable world of acting. As Deborah Pierce, an owner of Voicebank – one of the main Irish companies used by businesses and other clients to find voice artists – tells me: ‘Of course the recession has affected everyone but things have certainly picked up for us here since August. We fill the gaps of what the clients need. We’re kind of like a shop in that regard.’  And it seems that the ‘creative’ aspect of certain thespians frequently needs to be curbed in a business that demands straight script-reading and little improvisation.

The full article is printed in Film Ireland 131.


The Business of Auditioning Seminar

Panel Discussion in Filmbase

Filmbase are hosting a Seminar on The Business of Acting for aspiring screen actors on Wednesday 26th August, 6:30 – 9pm. The session is aimed at new and emerging actors who are looking to learn more about the casting and audition process for film, television and commercials.

The panel for the seminar includes Casting Director Thyrza Ging whose credits include Prosperity, George Gently, Savage, Badly Drawn Roy; Director Paddy Breathneach (Shrooms, Man About Dog, I Went Down) and actor Hugh O’Connor (Chocolat, The Young Poisoner’s Handbook, Summer of the Flying Saucer, My Left Foot). The Panel will cover topics including Headshots and CVs, preparing for castings, audition technique, taking direction and how to be smart in the acting world. The seminar will conclude with audience Questions and Answers.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided on the evening along with an opportunity to meet and discuss the trials of auditioning with your fellow actors.

Places on the seminar cost €10 and are strictly limited and MUST be booked in advance. To book a place, contact Filmbase on 01 679 6716 or email

Aspiring actors may also be interested in listening to the Film Ireland Podcast Interview with Thyrza Ging. The podcast can be found by clicking here.