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We encourage you to send us in details of film events, film festivals you are organising, awards your film receives, production news, or anything else film related you think would be of interest.

If you have an article or interview idea for the web, then by all means contact us BEFORE conducting the interview or writing the piece to see if it is something we are interested in. Do not send in the finished piece without us knowing about it first.

If you have any questions or suggestions on these tips please email as we would like to have as comprehensive a guide as possible before posting it in our ‘about’ section online.

So what is a press release?

A press release is the information you send into a media outlet(website, newspaper, magazine, radio show) about your event/film etc.

If it is a screening you want people to come along, so date and time are very important.  If a film has won an award at a festival give all the key details of the festival- dates, times, award name, a photograph of you receiving the award, a little about the film, since this is Film Ireland an interesting line or two about the production of the film would also be good.

When sending in a press release to us on, or to other websites, your aim is to get it put onto the site as quickly as possible.  This means making things as easy as possible for the people on the other side posting it.


So here are some tips:


  • Your press release should sound ‘newsy’ and give the who, what, where, when, and how.  Don’t explicitly state the  who, what, where, when, and how, this should all be contained in a few paragraphs of well written, interesting-to-read text.


  • It should be written in the 3rd person.  So for instance ‘The screening will take place at 7pm’ and not ‘Our screening will take place’ or ‘We will screen at..’.


  • Promote your film/event through facts where possible rather than language.  For example instead of using ‘featuring a towering performance from the amazing Jack Ham’, use ‘featuring Jack Ham, winner of Best Actor at Short Film Festival’.


  • Do not send in “Hi, my film just won a prize at the Random Film Festival, thought Film Ireland should know’.


  • Also pleaze prooffread your pres releases and check out all your facts,, speling of names of cast members, production names such as ‘Fare City’, spacing, punctuashion   etc before sending it in.


  • It should NOT be sent as a PDF, but as a word document or as text in an email.  The text can’t be copied and pasted as easy from a PDF and leads to frustrating formatting issues.  Well it does with our website anyway.


  • It should be accompanied by at least one image. For the Film Ireland website landscape is preferable as on our home page the featured image that goes along with each post is landscape.


  • The images should be 72dpi which is low res for the web and under 1 megabyte each.  For print, i.e. forFilm Ireland magazine itself, images must be high res 300dpi and thus are large files.  The file straight off your camera phone or camera will usually be high res by default and over 1 megabyte.


  • Our email server is not the best in the world so when sending in press releases keep each email under 5 megabytes including images.


  • Each image should be named correctly e.g. ‘Joe Bloggs and Jane Doe in Love Story’, ‘Cast of Love Story with director Meg Alomaniac centre’ and not ‘IMG349.jpeg’.


  • Give us as much notice as possible when sending in information.  When we put up your item we will email you back with a link.  We also post all news items on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Please like us and share away on Facebook or retweet on Twitter.  We want as much traffic as possible going to the site.


  • Do give us any links you want to include and we will put them at the bottom of your post.


  • If you have a relevant trailer on YouTube or Vimeo send us that too and we will embed it.


  • Put a contact phone number in your email in case we have a query.


  • On extremely rare occasions we may miss a press release so if you haven’t heard anything in couple of days feel free to email a friendly reminder.




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