In Production: Dead Along The Way


A corpse and a wedding will be the unlikely match in Maurice O’Carroll’s new feature film Dead Along The Way, which will be filmed in Laois and Dublin.

Cameras will start rolling next week on what is described as the producers as a gritty crime comedy that takes no prisoners. The comedy follows the antics of two wedding videographers who are desperately trying to hide a corpse before a wedding.

Maurice is producing this with his wife Elaine O’ Carroll and the filmmaking duo have teamed up with Cork born actor/producer Sinéad O’Riordan (Stolen, Coming Out, The Bible Basher) from ORion Productions.

The cast includes a mix of established and emerging talent and will include Game of Thrones actor Ciarán Bermingham, who played Mord in the phenomenally successful HBO series. It will also feature ‘Nidges dad’ in the form of character actor Tom Lawlor, who is father of famed Love/Hate star Tom Vaughan Lawlor. Tom snr also appeared in Love/Hate as a priest. Drogheda born Niall Murphy (Dracula Untold) will take on his first feature film leading role in the character of Whacker McGrath.

The movie will be a first feature-length drama for the award-winning Kerry filmmaker Maurice, who is originally from Tralee and now lives in Laois. He has chosen a range of locations in Laois and Dublin for the film shoot.



In Production: Yesterday’s War


Yesterday’s War is the new feature film from Derry born writer and director David Harkin.

Yesterday’s War is set in an alternative Ireland in the year 2023. The President of Ireland has been kidnapped by a group of Fascists, to rescue the President a secret plan is set in motion.

Yesterday’s War is David’s sixth feature film and the film also showcases a great cast of local actors including Martin Bradley, Alex Watson, Michael Harkin, Eoin Daly, Tommy Page, Ryan Boyd and Rebecca Denby

Yesterday’s War is currently in production throughout the North West of the country.


‘Tabula Rasa’ Completes Post-production

Aislinn Niģ Uallachaģin in Tabula Rasa

Post-production has recently completed on the short film Tabula Rasa, which was filmed on location in Dublin and the Dún Laoghaire region.


Johnny (Derek O’Sullivan) is struggling to cope with life in contemporary Ireland. His lack of opportunities and finances means he has to decide between the girl he loves (Aislinn Ní Uallacháin – pictured) or his dying father Paddy (Gerry Wade). Johnny has to confront his fears and emotions and make his final decision.


Written by Paddy Kelly and directed by British-born filmmaker Tim Janos, who also produced the film along with Frances O’Connor and Nina Vallee. Bruce Block (author of ‘The Visual Story’) was involved in the post-production stages as a visual consultant for the film. The production is now aiming its sights on entering the festival circuit in Ireland/UK and the US.


‘Gridlock’ Wraps

 1-IMG_4157-2L/R Lucina Russell, Arts Officer, Kildare County Council, Peter Coonan, Brenda Molloy, Film/TV Events Liaison | Coillte – Photographs by John Houlihan, Gonz Photography


Dublin-based Fail Safe Films have completed shooting the dramatic thriller Gridlock at Coillte’s Donadea Forest Park, County Kildare. The short which was commissioned by Kildare County Council now goes into post production with an expected release in November.


Gridlock  is a short dramatic thriller set amidst the chaos of an intense traffic jam. When a little girl goes missing from one of the cars, her father forms a desperate search party to find her, and soon everyone is a suspect. The film is directed by Ian Hunt Duffy with an all-star cast including IFTA winner Moe Dunford, Peter Coonan,  Amy De Bhrún  and Steve Wall, Joe Mullins, Ronan Leahy.


For more information log onto


‘Twice Shy’ Tackles Topical Issue of Abortion

Iseult Casey Press Photo


Twice Shy, an independent Irish feature film, has wrapped principal photography after a summer of filming in Ireland and the UK with a host of Irish talent.

The film is a modern coming-of-age drama about a young woman named Maggie (Iseult Casey) who sets off on a road-trip from Ireland to London with her boyfriend Andy (Shane Murray-Corcoran) in order to have an abortion. The film portrays their journey, through the ups and downs of their relationship, in a romantic drama.

Twice Shy is writer / director Tom Ryan’s second feature following the success of his debut film Trampoline. The film is produced by London-based producer Fionn Greger.

The film also features support from a stellar cast including Ardal O’ Hanlon, Pat Shortt, Mary Conroy and Paul Ronan.

Director Tom Ryan says about the film that “We want to show how an unplanned pregnancy can affect both parties in a relationship and we want to do it in a way that isn’t too grim or heavy for an audience, while still giving it the weight that it needs. It’s a very important topic and one which is the source of much debate in Ireland. We are hoping that the film will go some way to showing the issue in a new light.”





‘Abroon’ Wraps


Five Seven Films has completed principal photography on a feature film entitled Abroon .

Abroon is an asylum seeker living in Dublin, who overcomes depression through a chance meeting with Malcolm, a young Irish lad who needs help travelling across the country to settle some family business.

Written and directed by German filmmaker Henrik Peschel, it was produced by Diarmuid Hayes and stars Tiny James (Raw, Between the Canals) and Dean Mulraney.

The film was shot on location in Dublin and Kerry.


In Production: ‘Yesterday’s War’


Yesterday’s War is the new feature film from award-winning Derry born writer and director David Harkin.

The film is set in an alternative Ireland in the year 2023. The President of Ireland has been kidnapped by a group of Fascists, to rescue the President a secret plan is set in motion.

Yesterday’s War is David’s sixth feature film and features a cast of local actors including Martin Bradley, Alex Watson, Hugh Barbour, Ryan Boyd and Paula Roberts.

‘Yesterday’s War’ is currently in production throughout the North West of the country.


‘The Three Don’ts’ Wraps

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 14.16.33


The short film The Three Don’ts completed production in early June 2015. Written and directed by Patrick Murphy the film is the brainchild of Brian “Russo” Clancy and Mickey Ridley. Clancy, a Limerick-based actor and musician, plays the role of Jason. His friend Benson (Nathan Wong) talks him into a shady deal with three ne’er do wells, led by the intimidating Banger (Adam Moylan). The three have a simple drop off job for the boys, but as is often the case in these situations things don’t always go according to plan. All the lads have to do to make it through the night, is follow The Three Don’ts…




‘Lost and Found’ in Post-production

Lost & Found INDIEGOGO


Lost and Found, a short film from Liam O’Neill, is currently in post-production.

After the death of his dad, Charlie finds a way to help his grieving and struggling mom. He decides to kidnap local pets and claim rewards from their owners. Like many a plan all is well at first but things don’t quite turn out the way Charlie had hoped.

Lost and Found is a winner of the Film Limerick Scheme, founded by Limerick City of Culture 2014 in partnership with Behind The Scenes and received support towards production. The film had  animal-driven support from Limerick Animal Welfare.

This story was shot at locations in Castleconnell village in rural Co. Limerick in the Spring of 2015. Liam O’Neill, better known as a producer with Paradox Pictures, is also an award winning writer/director. Also behind the camera was Patrick Jordan whose work includes the Oscar nominated short film Pentecost. Caroline Morahan, an actress, the 2015 Irish Film and Television Academy Awards host, and a dedicated animals rights advocate, plays the role of Kathleen – Charlie’s mom. Lee O’Donoghue, a promising 10 year-old film and TV actor, plays the main character, Charlie.

If you’d like to get involved in supporting Lost and Found visit A percentage of what is raised during the Indiegogo campaign will go to Limerick Animal Welfare to help them with their work.





‘Monged’ Completes Shooting


Monged wrapped principal photography on the 5th May after a 19-day shooting schedule in nearly two dozen Dublin City Centre locations. Directed by Brian Quinn, David Prendeville and Rory Mullen, the film has an extensive cast of up-and-coming young actors, as well as some well known faces.

Monged takes place over one drug-fuelled weekend in Dublin and stars Graham Earley, John Connors and Rex Ryan in the leading roles of Dave, Bernard and Ray – three mismatched friends. Dave owes a debt to pyschotic drug dealer Corkfella (Joe Rooney) to the chagrin of his loving girlfriend Samantha (Aoibhin Garrihy), while Ray is a failed musician turned radio DJ who finds out that his girlfriend Linda (Clare Dunne) is pregnant in the middle of his seemingly endless struggle with his sexuality. Bernard, meanwhile, is the socially awkward office worker with no friends and no clue how to talk to girls until he meets Nadia (Alicja Ayres). After meeting at a house party, these three very different guys enjoy a comically riotous weekend cocktail of narcotics, alcohol and heavy partying – with trouble and crazy situations facing them at every turn.

Based on the play of the same name by Gary Duggan (RTE’s Amber), with a screenplay penned by Barry Dignam, Monged is produced by the students on the MSc Digital Feature Film Production course at Filmbase.


‘Twice Shy’ Set For Production

Roger Kenny Photography Head Shots www.rogerkenny.ieShane Murrary Corcoran and Iseult Casey


Director Tom Ryan’s second feature Twice Shy goes into principal photography on June 15th 2015, with filming set for locations in Ireland and the UK.

Twice Shy is a modern coming-of age-drama, that centres around a young couple who set off on a road trip from Ireland to London as the result of an unplanned pregnancy.

Twice Shy will be director Tom Ryan’s second feature, which he makes after the success of his award-winning debut film Trampoline. Tom has teamed up with London-based TV producer Fionn Greger to produce it. The two first worked together in London on short films and TV commercials.

Shane Murray Corcoran (King Arthur, Angelas Ashes) will play the lead character of ‘Andy O Meara’, who’s girlfriend, ‘Maggie Collins’, played by rising star Iseult Casey, surprises him with the news that she is unexpectedly pregnant. The young unmarried couple from Tipperary have some life changing decisions to make and the film portrays their journey, through the ups and downs of their relationship, in a light-hearted drama. They will be joined by a heavy weight supporting cast, details to follow shortly.

Twice Shy is an independent Irish feature film and will hit the festival circuit in Spring 2016.







‘Shoebox Memories’ In Production

Shoebox Poster


Written and directed by Jason Branagan, Shoebox Memories is set to begin principal photography at the end of June. An offbeat, musical, romcom, the indie feature tells the story of disillusioned musician and music teacher, Chris, who desperately wants to reconcile with his first love and long time girlfriend, Deb. Wallowing in self-pity after discovering she’s soon-to-be-married, his best friends, Mikey and Al, decide it’s time that Chris gets over her once and for all.

The cast includes singer-songwriter Colm Gavin, Jemma Nic Lochlainn, Danny Mahony, Brendan Sheehan and  Zarima McDermott.


Shoebox Memories is being produced by Continuance Films and Sharon Crowley and will be shot in multiple locations across Dublin. An indiegogo campaign has just been launched to help fund the film.

‘Soulsmith’ In Production

21Director Kevin Henry (front) with DOP Stephen Walsh (behind)

The Irish feature film Soulsmith, produced by Whim Productions, has wrapped principal photography after filming in Mayo, Roscommon and Dublin over the past three weeks. Post-Production is currently underway with Editor Phill Greaney.

Set in the West of Ireland and Dublin, the film follows Ed Smith, a young playwright who, following great early success, hits a downward spiral both professionally and personally.

The drama stars Matthew O’Brien alongside Cristina Ryan, Conor Marren, Brian Fortune and Elva Trill. Soulsmith is written and directed by Kevin Henry (The Last Confession).

More information can be found at


‘Testimony’ in Post-Production


Testimony is a hard-hitting drama, inspired by true events that took place in Poland in 1991. Adapted as an Irish story, with all-Irish award-winning cast and crew, the film was shot in late February and is currently in post-production.

9-year-old Cat O’Neill (played by Olivia Daly) is called as a witness in a domestic violence court hearing. Her mother is the plaintiff, her father – the defendant. The film shows the experience through Cat’s eyes, as she, her parents (Neil Fleming & Clodagh Downing) and the Judge (Hilary Cotter) share the same space, physically and emotionally.

Testimony is the debut film from writer/director Kamila Dydyna.

If you would like to get involved in the completion of the film, visit


‘Goodbye, My Brother’ Completes Production


Banjoman Film‘s Goodbye, My Brother has completed production. Writer/director Dermot Malone’s debut short film stars Ger McSorley  Shane Lennon and Rob Malone and tells the story about two brothers, James (28) and Rob (23), who have built up a successful coffee shop despite their horrendous childhood at the hands of their alcoholic, abusive father and mentally ill mother.

Dermot Malone explains that the film “has been gestating for over a year and is extremely personal to me. The story is loosely based on many aspects of my own life: My relationship with my own brother, elements of my own character and many stories from around the world.”



Short Film ‘The Clockmakers Doll’ In Production


The Clockmakers Doll, a short film that was awarded funding of €15,000 by Limerick City of Culture in partnership with Behind the Scenes started shooting this week in Bunratty Folk Park and several locations around Limerick City.


Written and directed by Cashell Horgan, the story is set in a fictional world, home to the most unusual collection of automatas created; there lives a clockmaker with his beloved wife. Every second of his day is dedicated to making sure every mechanical instrument in the town functions properly. That is until the day his wife dies. Crazed with despair, the clockmaker attempts to replace his lost love by building ‘the perfect woman’. His passion consumes him as each doll he builds leads to failure. With pressure on him to complete his task before time runs out, he soon realises that the key to the perfect woman is in her heart not her head.


Horgan has an impressive track record, including his production Paddy (2000) which was short listed for Oscar nomination in 2001 and has 5 awards to it’s credit. His first film, Adeste Fideles (1991) was awarded the James Horgan Prize for best animation at the Galway Film Fleadh. He has taught animation and film at the European School of Animation and National Film television School Ireland.


Limerick actor Joe Mullins takes on the role of the Clockmaker. Joe is best known for his role in the IFTA award winning film, Pilgrim Hill by director Gerard Barrett, and Joe also features in Barrett’s Glassland.




The Last Show


The Last Show is a feature film about a theatre director who brings his cast to the seclusion of an old country cottage in the Irish countryside to prepare for the following week’s opening. It examines the nature of jealousy, envy, resentment, the clash of egos and how that fades to insignificance when faced with the actors own mortality.

Cast members from The Last Show include Brian Fortune (Game Of Thrones) as the frustrated yet passionate director desperate for his actors to remain focused and professional. Rita Marie Lawlor (Apollo Music Club) plays the part of Stella who’s in a conflicted relationship with the irritatingly little brother-esque, character of Jack – played by Jeff Doyle (Jack And Ralph Plan A Murder), a fitness fanatic who shares a close bond with peace-keeping. dope-smoking Bobby, played by Johnny Elliott (Charlie Casanova). Rory Mullen (Hunger) plays the notoriously womanising Richie and Andrea Coyne (Psychic Sue) features as Richie’s long-suffering girlfriend, Cynthia while Mirjana Rendulic (Watershed) is Richie’s long-suffering mistress, Vicky.

The film was written and directed by Rita Marie Lawlor for RML Films and shot on RED on a tiny budget in one location at the Calabona cottage in Arklow County Wicklow, over eight and a half days in May 2014. The 80-minute black and white film is now being submitted to film festivals around the globe in the hope of being considered for selection.

To find out more visit The Last Show on Facebook



Short Film ‘The Nymph’ Released


Oracle Pictures have just released The Nymph, a charming short film, written and directed by Damian Byrne, and shot in Blarney Castle Fairy Gardens and Dublin’s Hellfire Club. With fantastical otherworldly characters, theme and setting, the film depicts The Hunter ( Martin Galligan ) barbarous in his forest domain, the ultimate predator, until a beguiling creature appears, The Nymph ( Anna Ilaya Ozolina ) and a bewitching choreographed seduction begins.

Describing the film as “a nocturnal dream about the equilibrium of nature”, the story was inspired when Damian heard Debussy’s Clair de Lune for the first time. “I had never heard a more beautiful, moving piece of music. It was like being in a dream and I listened to it over and over again. Three maybe four dozen times! I began writing about how each note made me feel and storyboarded what I was visualizing.”

The Nymph was initially written as an animated piece. However after seeing Anna perform ballet in Cork, Damian was further inspired to move the project in a new direction “I was mesmerized by her poses which resembled animation ‘keyframes’, her movement, grace and devastating beauty…I thought of a Greek Siren, luring sailors to their peril! She was The Nymph…and the seed was planted, but it really began to generate when I visited the fairy gardens in Blarney Castle. Now I had my location. Momentum was gathering. ”

The film was financed partially through a Fundit campaign and through self-funding. Also an artist and graphic designer, Damian has just completed work on Season 2 of the Showtime Television series ‘Penny Dreadful’ which is currently nominated for 5 BAFTA Awards.

The Nymph is his directorial debut and is at present being submitted to film festivals at home and abroad. It has already picked up the BEST FILM award from O.I.C. Media screenings at the Lighthouse Cinema. His next project is also a short film. Currently in post-production, The Raven, an interpretation of the Edgar Allan Poe classic poem stars Michael Bates and Aine de Suin, and is co-produced by Oracle Pictures and Reckoner Productions.


‘The Rift’ In Production

Katarina Cas
The Rift, co-written by Irish writer Barry Keating with Milan Konjevic for Viktorija Film, is currently shooting up to the end of April.

Directed by Milan Todorovic, The Rift follows a  NASA space shuttle that crash lands in Eastern Serbia. A team of US and Serbian agents are dispatched to retrieve the shuttle’s flight data, examine the wreckage and secure the remains of the shuttle, but when they locate the crash site all is not as it seems.

The shuttle has vanished and the only clue to his whereabouts is a trail leading to a small village nestled on the outskirts of forest line. As the team begins to investigate they quickly discover that something else came back from space, something not of this world. As their time runs out, the team must battle to unlock the terrifying truth behind the ill-fated mission.
The film stars Ken Foree and Katarina Cas (pictured), who played alongside  Brendan Gleeson in The Guard.


‘Bully’ in Production


Irish production company Deep Web Films, co-founded by Stephen Gaffney and Erica Keegan, is set to make its debut with Bully, an independent low-budget feature film.

Principal photography began on March 30th and will continue in the Clondalkin/Tallaght/Ballyfermort area across fourteen days in total before wrapping on May 25th.

Written and directed by Stephen Gaffney, Bully stars Ciaran McCabe (Dollhouse), James Ward (Love/Hate), Kieran O’Reilly (Love/Hate), and Chelsea O’Connor (Saol).

Ciaran plays Karl, a sixth-year student preparing to sit his Leaving Cert exams whobecomes the target of a gang of bullies. With no support from his family and no friends to turn to, Karl falls victim to the psychological manipulation of a school teacher (Kieran O’Reilly) and soonturns to social media as a form of escapism where he develops an online friendship with a woman/

Some time later, things begins to look up as Karl receives professional support and falls for a classmate (Chelsea O’Connor). However, a sudden turn in events introduces Detective O’Neill (James Ward) to investigate a serious crime.




‘Pilgrimage’ to Commence Production



Irish director Brendan Muldowney’s latest film Pilgrimage is scheduled to commence production in April 2015 and shoot for over seven weeks on the West Coast of Ireland and the Ardennes Region of Belgium.


Written by Jamie Hannigan, the film is set in 13th century Ireland and follows a small group of monks as they undertake a treacherous pilgrimage to escort their monastery’s holiest relic to Rome. But, as the true material, political and religious significance of the relic is revealed; the group’s journey becomes increasingly fraught with danger. Ultimately, the faith that binds the men together threatens to be the very same thing that will tear them apart.


‘Sineater’ in Post-production

PicMonkey Collage

Bertie Brosnan’s short film Sineater is currently in post-production. Sineater centres around a man, Jack (Sean McGillycuddy), as he returns home to visit his Mother and a mysterious driver (Joe Mullins) who awaits Jack, claiming to be a family friend.

Kerry-born Brosnan has had success with his last film Jacob Wrestling With The Angel after it reached ‘Cannes – Short Film Corner’ and several Irish Film Festivals, receiving a nomination at Limerick Film Festival for Best Cinematography in 2014.

The film is presently being colour graded by Philipp Morozov and Blaine Rennicks  in London and the original score is being composed by Jason Fernandez in Los Angeles.

The film is currently on Indiegogo for completion and distribution funds.





Jim Sheridan’s ‘The Secret Scripture’ in Production


Jim Sheridan’s film adaptation of Sebastian Barry’s Booker Prize shortlisted 2008 novel The Secret Scripture has begun principal photography in Ireland.

The film is set to star Rooney Mara, Eric Bana, Theo James and Irish actors Jack Reynor and Aidan Turner.

The film tells the story of a one-hundred year old women who recounts the diary of her extended stay at a mental hospital.

The film is due to wrap in March with a release expected later this year.


Shooting Begins on Lenny Abrahamson’s ‘Room’


Lenny Abrahamson has begun principal photography on the feature film Room, produced by Element Pictures and No Trace Camping. Emma Donoghue adapted the screenplay from her book, the award-winning international phenomenon, Room.

The film stars Brie Larson (Short Term 12, The Spectacular Now), Jacob Tremblay (The Smurfs 2, Somnia), Joan Allen (The Bourne Supremacy, Nixon) and William H. Macy (Shameless, Magnolia). Also joining the cast are Sean Bridgers (Rectify), Tom McCamus (The Samaritan) and Megan Park (What If).

Told through the eyes of five-year-old-Jack (Tremblay), Room is a thrilling and emotional tale that celebrates the resilience and power of the human spirit. To Jack, Room is the world…. It’s where he was born, it’s where he and his Ma (Larson) eat and sleep and play and learn. But while it’s home to Jack, to Ma it’s a prison. Through her fierce love for her son, Ma has managed to create a childhood for him in their ten-by-ten-foot space. But as Jack’s curiosity is building alongside Ma’s own desperation – she knows that Room cannot contain either indefinitely.

Room is being filmed at Pinewood Studios and on location in Toronto, and will be post produced at Screen Scene in Dublin.

Room is an Element Pictures and No Trace Camping production, in association with Telefilm Canada, Film4, and the Irish Film Board. A24 has acquired rights to the film in the US, and Elevation Pictures is distributing the film in Canada. UTA handled the domestic sale. FilmNation Entertainment is handling international sales.


‘A Date for Mad Mary’ Commences Principal Photography

Principal Photography has begun on Darren Thornton’s debut feature A Date for Mad Mary.

‘Mad’ Mary McArdle returns to Drogheda after a short spell in prison – for something she’d rather forget. Back home, everything and everyone has changed. Her best friend, Charlene, is about to get married and Mary is the Maid of Honour. When Charlene refuses Mary a ‘plus one’ for the wedding, on the grounds that she probably couldn’t find a date, Mary is determined to prove her wrong. She throws herself into the local dating scene, in the hope of finding a nice guy who’ll look good in a tux. But finding a date in a town where everyone knows your name, and your reputation, is not going to be easy…

A Date for Mad Mary is a funny and truthful story about a small town girl struggling to find her way in a grown up world.

The film stars an ensemble of young Irish actors including Seana Kerslake, Charleigh Bailey and Tara Lee as well as established talent including Denise McCormack and Norma Sheehan.

A Date for Mad Mary will shoot in and around Dublin and Drogheda for 5 and half weeks and is backed by the Irish Film Board, Element Pictures Distribution, BAI and TV3.




‘Taryn Barker: Demon Hunter’ Begins Shooting

Constant Motion picture’s action thriller feature Taryn Barker: Demon Hunter begins principal photography in September.

The film is directed by Zoe Kavanagh, produced by Simon Connolly, Victor McGowan, Anna Ginjaume Grive, Matthew Taylor with cinematography by Luca Rocchini and production design by Lilla S. Nurie.

Taryn Barker: Demon Hunter stars Jay Vasiljeva, Alan Talbot, Sarah Tapes Jenkinson, Nic Furlong, Kevin O’Malley, Michael Parle, Tommy O’Neill.

A young girl tormented by the tragedies of her past is brought in for questioning by the police over the death of a man, who she claims to be a demon. Detective Beckett realizes this is the same girl he made a broken promise to seven years ago that he’d find the monster that raped and murdered her 12 year old sister.
The girl warns of a powerful man named Falstaff who will stop at nothing to claim her soul, Falstaff abducts Detective Beckett’s daughter and now this young girl is his only hope and ally in rescuing his daughter from this demonic cult and proving to him that Taryn Barker is the Demon Hunter.


‘Last Night’s Dream’ in Production



Last Night’s Dream is the new feature film from award winning Derry born, writer and director David Harkin.  The film was financed solely by the producers David Harkin, Eoin Daly & Golda Mansilla. The film also features special make up effects by Emma McBride.

Last Night’s Dream is set in the year 2037 and tells the story of a group of ex Irish Army soldiers who must make their way out of Ireland before time runs out for them.

However, to achieve this goal they must first track down a cold blooded killer who holds the key to their survival.

The cast includes local actors Martin Bradley, Johnny French, Dee Kivlehan, Kyle Martin, Anett Leuner, Johanna Fegan, Ciaran Paterson, Michael Harkin, Alex Watson Ciaran Keogh, Rebecca Denby, Jim Sweeney and Marina Marcinekova

The film is currently in production, filming in Derry, Donegal and Dublin.







Panti Bliss Doc in Production



Rory O’Neill, also known as Panti Bliss, is the subject of a new documentary currently in production.

The Queen of Ireland follows Rory’s journey from the small Mayo town of Ballinrobe to striding the world stage.  Directed by filmmaker and photographer Conor Horgan (One Hundred Mornings, Deep End Dance, The Beholder), the film builds up a multi-faceted picture of a complex and compelling character through behind the scenes footage, archive, music and interviews with friends, peers and protégés.

You can support the film’s completion on, which and will run for 45 days until September 15th 2014. The film is due to be finished in Spring 2015, following the referendum on Marriage Equality.

For updates on the progress of the documentary, check it out on facebook and twitter and youtube.


‘Seanchaí’ – New TV Series Starring Owen Roe in Pre-Production


Oracle Pictures and Orion Productions are currently in pre-production for Seanchaí, a new Irish mythology series based on old Celtic stories.

Created by Alan Dunne, written and directed by award-winning writer/directors Alan Dunne and Eamonn Tutty and co-produced by Damian Byrne Volmering (Oracle) and Sinéad O’ Riordan (ORion), the mythology series is set to excite, inspire and bring the oldest of Irish traditions back to the forefront of our culture.

The promo for Seanchaí, which was filmed in the Wicklow mountains (Burschi Wojnar – DOP) and which has already been submitted into RTE as part of their Storyland incentive, stars Irish actor Owen Roe.








‘Don’t Listen’ in Pre-Production



Don’t Listen is the debut feature film of director Brian McDonnell (Dead Tiger, Would You Die For Me?), which he is co-writing  with Would You Die For Me? collaborators and lead actors Esther Woods and Shane Robinson. With a team including Bianca Grudinschi as DOP and Kolm Mooney as first AD, the team hope to tell a deeply disturbing yet moving film, rich in both scares,atmosphere and emotion.


The cast includes Paul Ronan, Esther Woods as Celia Shane Robinson and Rob McCarthy


The film  is a psychological horror/thriller which follows Celia (Woods), a young woman, struggling to grasp the hand she’s been dealt in life. Caring for her terminal ill mother (Toibin), and with the tragic loss of her father (Ronan) still a gaping wound, Celia and her boyfriend Liam (Robinson) can only watch as the slowly begin to crack at the seams. And with Celia’s own personal traumas and demons (McCarthy) begin to stalk her at every turn, she gradually begins to realizes that she cannot escape an ever deepening and blackening hole she’s falling into.


Production will be divided between Mayo and Dublin, with a late October shoot scheduled.


You can check out the film’s crowdfunding page at