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The Wexford Documentary Film Festival takes place every year in the working fishing village of Kilmore Quay located in county Wexford on the south east coast of Ireland.
This festival provides the opportunity to see the best of award-winning national and international documentary films.​
In tune with the festival’s strong focus on films that explore social, political and environmental issues it will also host a number of lively post-screening discussions with filmmakers, invited guest speakers and representatives from local organizations.​
The festival is run as a voluntary not-for-profit event.
All events are free. But to secure a place on a workshop or film please book HERE

This year’s festival takes place from 21st – 23rd September 2018.




Films 2018

Friday 21st September 


Another News Story  Director: Orban Wallace • UK • 2017 • 90 mins 

View trailer here

Debuting director Orban Wallace’s feature-length work engages the European refugee crisis, but the young British director turns the camera lens in a direction rather different from the rest of the documentary scene investigating recent events. He trains his penetrating gaze on the journalists sent by their employers to the Mediterranean to cover the unfolding humanitarian tragedy. By juxtaposing the stories of reporters and the experiences of Middle East emigrants, he has fostered a new meta-reading of media content. In today’s chaotic era, what is the “who, how, and why” of news spewed forth on world conflicts and crises? “Sometimes you feel you’re making a noise, but not helping really,” laments Lorenzo over the sensationalized treatment of human misfortune;he’s one of those who, in the months-long hunt for fresh information, accepts a nomadic lifestyle. When faced with immeasurable suffering, is it possible to maintain your humanistic sensitivity, or, glazed, do you just go after another news story?


Post screening discussion with director Orban Wallace, Vukasin Nedeljkovic, Artist, Activist in the campaign to end the Direct Provision system in Ireland and creator of The Asylum Archives and Dr Harry Browne, Senior Lecturer, School of Media Dublin Institute of Technology, author of the book The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power) and Irish Times Journalist.


Saturday 22 September – Cinema 1

Kids at Kilmore


‘Stop motion’ animation films made by young people at MediasKool’s Summer workshop in Gorey School of Art. (ages 10-14).



Swallows and Amazons Director: Philippa Lowthorpe • UK • 2016•97mins 

View trailer here

This film chronicles the story of the Walker children on their holidays in the Lake District in England. They want to camp on an island in the lake. When they get there in the boat Swallow, they soon discover they are not alone. Two other children, the Blacketts, also known as the Amazons, have set up camp there, and a battle for the island begins. But with Britain on the brink of war and a secret agent looking for the Blackett children’s uncle, they have a series of adventures quite different from their plans.


1.00 pm

Life is Waiting Director: Iara Lee • Western Sahara • 2015• 61 mins •Subtitles

In the territory of Western Sahara, the end of European rule only gave way to a new occupation, this time by Morocco. This film shows how the Sahrawi people, four decades on, continue to face arrests, torture, and disappearances for non-violently demanding their independence. This is their story.


The Welsh Connection • 40 mins

Aberwystwyth University in Wales has strong ties with Co. Wexford as many Wexford students study in their Media Department. A number of their students will travel to present their work at the festival this year including:

Meri Wells – Gwenno Tomos & Lawri Page (5 mins).

On Air – Julia Pawlikowska (11 mins)

Ride to Redemption – Paige Brookes, Paul Kehoe,  Michael O’Gorman (15 mins)

Dat – Elen Williams (9 mins)


The films will be introduced by Elin Morse, Lecturer in Film Practice, Aberwystwyth University.



Maeve Director: Ciara Horan • Ireland • 2018

This short film will be screened prior to Berlin Rebel High School as a double bill. Maeve Widger was a drama teacher and much more. She influenced the lives of thousands of children who passed through the doors of her drama school (in her back garden). The film tells the story of how she did this, through the voices of some of her former students.




Berlin Rebel High School  Director: Alexander Kleider • Germany • 2016• Subtitles


Germany’s most unusual high school has no headmaster, no hierarchy and no pressure. The Berlin based school is entirely organised by its students without any outside funding. The adult pupils pay their own teachers and decide what they want to learn. The film follows three students from different state schools who have one thing in common: they failed. Now they experience a new way of learning. Berlin Rebel High School is a tribute to curiosity, to the joy of life and to a new way of learning.


Post screening discussion includes: Director Alexander Kleider, Musician Brian Flanagan, Cinematographer, Youth worker and Educator Colm Mullen, and Community Education Facilitator with Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board (WWETB) Sarah Lavan.


Freedom for the Wolf Director: Rupert Russell • Germany/US • 2017

View Trailer here

A new generation of elected leaders are dis-mantling freedom and democracy as we know it. Discover people from all over the globe – students of Hong Kong, a rapper in Tunisia, the viral comedians of Bollywood, fighting against these leaders who trample on human rights, minorities, and their political opponents.


Post screening discussion includes Aislinn Wallace – Wexford activist and organiser for ‘Pro Choice Wexford’ and ‘Wexford Homeless Housing Action. Memet Uludag activist with United against Racism, and Tina Mac Veigh socialist, women’s rights activist and Dublin City councillor for Kimmage/Crumlin for PBP



Saturday 22 September – Cinema 2

12.45 pm

Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair Director: Angélique Kourounis • Greece • Subtitled • 90 mins

View Trailer Here

The documentary tries to take an incisive glimpse into the minds of people who make up  the Greek neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn. The party’s almost non-existent electoral gains skyrocketed in 2012, in response, many argue, to deepening austerity, to 6 percent of votes and 18 seats in the Greek Parliament, gains that it has since maintained. In 2013, after a series of violent attacks that culminated with the murder of Pakistani worker Shahjad Luqman and Greek anti-fascist Pavlos Fussas, the party’s head and key members were charged with forming a criminal organization, and taken to trial, ongoing since April 2015. The director, Angelique Kourounis, spent more than five years of filming Golden Dawn members in public events and private settings, including their own homes. Among other things, the film aims to show the continuities between the ideologies and practices of Golden Dawn and deep-rooted ideologies and structures of Greek society.

2.45 pm

Marie-Madeline: A Female Chief Director: Florence Ayisi • Cameroon • 2018•70 mins • Subtitles

View Trailer here

In a break with tradition, a woman is enthroned as chief in a small village in Cameroon. This documentary presents a rare glimpse into a community in transition; men speak candidly about the importance of women in development – “women are doing more to encourage development than men. I believe a female chief will bring new things.”Even though villagers consider Marie-Madeleine a ‘stranger’ because she lives and works in the capital city of Yaoundé, she is determined to learn about her culture and integrate into village life. As she beats the traditional drum on her enthronement day, the gentlesounds signal a break with tradition – It is the dawn of a new era. Villagers are hopeful that she will bring much needed development to the village.


A Light in the Darkness Director: Shane Campbell • Ireland • 2018• 20 mins


This short documentary portrays Wexford Marine Watch, a community organisation aiming to end suicides off Wexford Harbour.




Between a Rock and a Wave  Director: Manuel Lógar • Spain • 2016 • 90 mins • Subtitles

View Trailer here

Living among the percebeiros (barnacle hunters) of the ‘Coast of Death’, Galicia, this documentary focuses on the relationship between man and the sea. An environmental fable, a radiograph of rural Galicia, where years after the Prestige oil spill disaster, the percebeiros are facing an uncertain future.


Sunday 23 September – Cinema 1


3 minute Film Challenge



22 of the best short films selected from over 3,000 films submitted to the festival by filmmakers from over 40 countries.


1.Mexican Embroideries – Camila García (Colombia)

2.What It Feels Like – Steven Fraser (UK)

3.The War – Jaime Ekkens (US)

4.All Apologies – Roisin O’ Mahony (Ireland)

5.Protect the animals – Donghai Su (China)

6.Wasted World – Jamillah van der Hulst (Netherlands)

7.London’s Dig It Sound System – Jamie Lowe (UK)

8.Daddy Issues – Fia Karma Wren (Ireland)

9.Threat Count – Tao of Bobo – Daniel Appleby (US)

10.Lola why so lonely – Catalina Zuloaga (Chile)

11.Franca – Antonella Barbera/Patrizia Fazzi (Italy)

12.I Don’t Know – Vivek Jain/Kirti Pherwani (India)

13.At First Sight – Arshia Zeinali (Iran)

14.The Journey – Angie Young Angela Sanina & Una Murphy (Ireland)

  1. Untitled – Zachary Jonathan Ntim (UK)
  2. The Fools – Dominic Palmer (Ireland)

17.Periods and Other Lady Bits – Katrina Nilles (US)

18.Dead – Declan Cody (Ireland)

19.Different – Tom Fisher (UK)

20.Unnecessary Illusions – David Monaghan (Ireland)

21.Computer Virus Cure – Bill Cox (US)

  1. On Life’s Shore – Can Yalman (Turkey)


12.50 pm

Gayby Baby  Directors: Maya Newell • Australia • 2016• 85 mins

View Trailer here

Kids that are being raised by same- sex couples are growing in numbers worldwide. We are in a Gaybe-Boom. But who are these kids? What do they think about having same-sex parents? And do they face different issues to other kids? What do they think about having same-sex parents? And do they face different issues to other kids? At a time when the world is debating marriage equality, these questions are more pertinent than ever. Told from the perspective of the kids, Gaybe Baby is intimate and sometimes humorous account of four children and their families.


“A delightful, meaningful, profound and politically relevant film that deserves plaudits for encompassing the simple beauties of modern family life.” 

– BFI London 



At the Philosopher’s School  Director: Fernand Melgar • Switzerland • 2018• 90 mins • Subtitles

View Trailer here

Five mentally and physically disabled children entering a special school have to learn to get along with the others; a huge task, as they seem to be closed to the outside world. Gradually the class takes shape, to the amazement and delight of their parents.

Post screening discussion includes Patrick Lydon and the ‘Nimble Spaces Initiative Group’ from Kilkenny and Ian Barry, member of both Down Syndrome and Special Olympics, Wexford.


6.00 pm

Made in Kilmore

Healing Shores 

A short documentary about the Memorial Trail and Garden in Kilmore Quay. Twelve adults based in south Wexford worked with filmmaker Terence White over five days in August 2018 to make this creative documentary. Tom Dunne, Killian Dove, Nicola Kelly, Mary Archer, Lucia Chisholm, Una Grant, Chris Clarke, Brigette Heffernan, Finn Roche, Eoin Byrne, Dave Connolly, Lisa Kinneen.


I Watched the White Dogs of the Dawn  Directors: Els Dietvorst • Ireland • 2018• 52 mins

View Trailer Here

“Sound. A polyphony of wind, breaking waves, shrieking gulls, and rattling ships. The sea: a place of memories for those who survive her, a mother who confronts us with the powers of nature. Circulating and all-encompassing”. Against the backdrop of a small Irish fishing village, Els Dietvorst has filmed the second part of her triptych about the relationship between humans and nature, the disenchantment of communities by a commercial market logic and our food chain.


Post screening discussion with Filmmakers Els Dietvorst and Terence White



Sunday 23 September – Cinema 2

11.30 am

Velvet Revolution Multiple Directors• Philippines, India, Cameroon, US, Bangladesh, UK • 2016 • Subtitles •57mins  

View Trailer here

Six women directors take their lens up-close to women making news. In a world riven with conflict and dictatorial regimes, where journalists are constantly under threat, what drives these women to do their jobs? This documentary brings you the testimonies of women journalists from Bangladesh, Cameroon, India, Philippines, Afghanistan, Syria, UK and Ajerbaijan on how they spoke truth to power. “I did not want to be a war correspondent… but the war came to my door-step” says award winning Syrian journalist, Zaina Erhaim, now living in exile in southern Turkey. “The President is wrong when he says that journalists are being killed because they are corrupt- who corrupts whom… who holds the power to corrupt?” asks Kimberlie Ngabit Quitasol, a young woman journalist from Philippines. “I could not leave my co-warriors in the middle of the battlefield” says Bonya Ahmed, the wife of slain Bangladesh blogger, Avijit Roy and the Editor of Muktomona, in her first ever documentary interview. The documentary profiles women journalists who have paid a high price for speaking truth to power.


1.00 pm

Short Films

A Momentary Lapse – Phillip Cullen (7 mins)

Wild Children Sanctuary – Bartłomiej Nowakowski (14 mins)

Eileanóir na Rún – John Whelan (15 mins)

So Different – Dylan Lawlor/Shannon O’Connor (9 mins)

My World – Sinead Curran (6 mins)

Dan Carey, found Objects – Marja van Kampen and Dick Donaghue (16 mins)



Tickling Giants Director: Sara Taksler • USA • 2017

View Trailer here

In Tickling Giants, the director follows Bassem Youssef who, in the midst of the Egyptian Arab Spring, changed his career from heart surgeon to full-time comedian. In a country where freedom of speech is increasingly restricted with each regime change, Youssef and his courageous staff of young writers develop creative ways to non-violently challenge abuses of power. Enduring physical threats, protests, and legal action, they test how far they can take the joke.


Outreach Films

They Call Us Warriors Directors: Jennifer Socorro, Edwin Corona, David Alonso •  Venezuela • 2018 • Spanish with English subtitles•82 mins

View Trailer here

Wexford Documentary Film Festival in association with the New Ross Town FC are holding a special outreach film screening of They Call Us Warriors. This is about the Venezuelan Women’s world cup soccer team and their fabulous exploits – an inspirational to all soccer fans.
Showing at:

St Michael’s TheatreNew Ross on Wednesday 19th of September at 8 pm

Free admission – first come first served
(300 seats).

– shop is open for sale of drinks pop corn etc.


Burkinabè Rising Director: Lara Lee • Burkina Faso • 2017 • English, French and Moore with English subtitles • 72 mins

View Trailer Here

A small, landlocked country in West Africa, Burkina Faso is home toa vibrant community of artists and engaged citizens, who prove that political change can be achieved when people come together. The beautifully filmed and intensely political documentary showcases the contemporary reality of creative nonviolent resistance in Burkina Faso. A small, landlocked country in West Africa, Burkina Faso is home to a vibrant community of artists and engaged citizens, who prove that political change can be achieved when people come together. Burkinabé Rising shows that Burkina Faso is an inspiration, not only to the rest of Africa but also to the rest of the world.

Date and location to be announced


Ketermaya  Director: Lucas Jedrzejak •Lebanon • Subtitled •78mins

View Trailer Here

Ketermaya is a film about the resilience of Syrian Refugees. On a dusty hillside surrounded by olive trees, the children of Ketermaya play far away from the horrors of Syria. But life in the Lebanese refugee camp is far from easy. Disrupted education, the loss of loved ones, and the scars of war and chemical weapons weigh heavily in this extraordinary portrait of family and childhood innocence. An important corrective to narratives surrounding refugees, and a moving fable of hope and resilience in unimaginable circumstances

Date and location to be announced


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