Our Favourite Films of 2017

Our children of the dark emerged from the dreams of film to give us their personal highlights of 2017. The results were translated into data and fed into a bleeping machine which worked overnight to tally up votes and spew forth a Top Ten on perforated paper tape.

And it goes a little something like this…


10. Toni Erdmann

“A truly original, endlessly rich, extremely moving and quietly transcendental piece of work”

(Read David Prendeville’s review)

9. Logan

“For its fans, this finale is as badass and poignant as they ever could have hoped”

(Read Michael O’Sullivan’s review)

8. Blade Runner 2049

“baptizes you in the blood, sweat and tears of pure artistry” 

(Read Michael Lee’s review)

7. Elle

 “a deceptively complex, uproariously misanthropic, unclassifiable original”

(Read David Prendeville’s review)

6. The Florida Project

“a film with an abundance of heart” 

(Read Sadhbh Ni Bhroin’s review)

5. Lady Macbeth

“An intoxicating sinister tale, Hitchcock meets Wuthering Heights.”

 (Michael Lee)

4. Wind River

“a masterclass in tension”

(Read Andrew Carroll’s review)

3. Moonlight

“a reminder that cinema can be a profound human experience”

(Read Stephen Porzio’s review)

2. Dunkirk

 “Nolan provides a cinematic involvement that only his films can offer”

(Read Liam Hanlon’s review)

1. Get Out

“an ingenious satire on the commodification of the African American body in white American culture”

(Read Sarah Cullen’s review)


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