Our Favourite Films of 2016

We asked our loyal team of film lovers to pick their favourite films of 2016 here. Thanks to the latest paper and pen technology we were able to work out a Top 10 list – which, as always, had its fair share of surprises. Thank you film – through you we celebrate our differences.

The Witch


“…anchored by an extraordinarily persuasive atmosphere, and by a set of performances far stronger than what one might expect in a conventional horror film…”

Read David Turpin’s review

Sing Street


“Warm, delightfully infectious, and, above all else, sincere.”

Read Ellen Murrays review

Nocturnal Animals


“Seamus McGarvey’s cinematography juxtaposes gloss and grit to delectable effect.”

Read David Prendeville’s review

Hunt for the Wilderpeople


“A mixture of comedy, drama, whimsy and anarchy (and with plenty of charm to spare, even if sometimes the tone wavers a little), this is almost impossible not to like, and it’s the strong characters that draw you in.”

Read James Bartlett’s review

Love & Friendship


Green Room




“Amy Adams’ performs admirably as the heart and soul of the drama”

Read Sarah Cullen’s review

Captain Fantastic


“Mortensen’s prowess lies in his close-ups, using subtle glances and nuanced gestures to peel through the layers of thick skin, revealing a single father’s desperation to preserve the memory of his wife.”

Read Brian Quinn’s review



“…the wit of Reynolds in the leading role and direct-to-audience address, biting self-references, and restructured narrative structure sets the superhero movie apart from others of the genre.”

Read Deirdre Molumby’s review

I, Daniel Blake





2016: Writers’ Choice


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