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Eleanor McSherry attended the premiere of Making It, which opened this year’s Kerry Film Festival. 

Family man, Mike McMahon loses his job and enters a filmmaking competition to win a big cash prize. With little talent and large ambitions, his efforts soon land him in hot water with both sides of the law.

This local Kerry-made feature film, Making It, enjoyed a second screening at the Kerry Film Festival, following its opening night screening. This did not deter the audience though, as there was another great crowd for the Sunday morning. Anyone who has ever been to a film festival in Ireland will know that Sunday morning is a hard sell but they are here and this is a testament to the great support local film has in the Kingdom. The film was shot in Listowel and Tralee in Kerry.

Making It is an original feature film produced by the National Digital Skills Centre at the Kerry ETB Training Centre, Tralee.  Written by Eamonn Norris and Fred O’Connor, the film is based on a story developed with Brian Nolan. It features a large cast of Kerry actors and the crew was made up of industry professionals, graduates and recent trainees from the Broadcast Production Course at the Kerry ETB.  It is also directed by Norris, who has made several short films prior to this and is a director at TG4s hit show, Ros na Rún.  Seamus Hughes, who plays Mike McMahon (the lead), is one of  main cast in the IFTA-winning TG4 series, An Klondike, and also appeared in Ken Loach’s Irish-made film, Jimmy’s Hall.  Moya Farrelly, also stars, she has appeared opposite Aidan Quinn in the popular film This is My Father as well as in RTÉ’s Bachelors Walk and Single Handed. The real stars though of the film are the less experienced actors, who seemed to really be enjoying themselves on screen and the audience enjoyed it as a result.

The tag line for the film is ‘lights, camera, chaos!’ and let me tell you it does not disappoint.  It is a whirlwind of madness, mayhem with a convoluted plot that actually works.  It’s a great romp!  Ok, so at times some of the acting is bit ropey but it shows some real potential, especially with such a mixed cast.  The special effects were interesting and at times the plot totally bonkers but I loved it and it is totally entertaining.  The main character of Mike McMahon is believable, and hilarious to boot.

It is a film within a film and has a timely premise, as the main character is laid off from work but that is where the normality ends and the madcap plot springs up.  He decides to enter a film competition encouraged by his son. This is where the film goes bats in the belfry and hilarity ensues.

What’s fantastic is that this film is made by a mix of students and professionals, predominantly locally sourced. This is a great achievement in itself and it must have taken a lot of determination and perseverance to get off the ground. Having watched the film it was all well worth the effort. There is real talent in there and it is great that they get the opportunity to be involved with a feature made in their hometown.

Eamonn Norris, Making It Director, brief Q and A.

Q: Script?

Eamonn: The first draft was completed in two weeks. It had four drafts in total, the completed script took 5 months. We were particularly pleased to give each character their own arc within the film.

Q: What’s it like seeing it on the big screen?

Eamonn: I’m delighted. It’s getting laughs and I hope everyone is enjoying it, which they seem to be.

Q: What is the next step now?

Eamonn: It will go on a festival run and we are so grateful to the Kerry Film Festival and the ETB for this screening, it means a lot. We couldn’t have made the film without the great support from the people of Kerry.  We are so lucky that the Kerry ETB are so supportive and came on board straight away. We couldn’t have made it without their help.

Q: How do you keep the cast inspired on such a little budget?

Eamonn: We filmed it in eighteen days, there wasn’t time to be unmotivated. It was a very intense experience.

The film was a great achievement and I personally hope it won’t be the last project of its kind in Ireland!

For more information on the film please check out their Facebook page


Making It screened on 19th & 23rd of October 2016

The Kerry Film Festival took place from the 19th to the 23rd of October 2016.





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