‘Maeve and the Moon’ Wraps



Filmed in Wicklow and Monaghan, new Irish short Maeve and the Moon just wrapped on a four-day shoot. Privately funded and sponsored in part by Teach Solais, this marks the debut short film by writer and director Elynia Betts.


Poppy Caraher, who made her brilliant debut as the lead in The Boring Diary of Frances Noone, stars as ten year old Maeve. When her father off handedly remarks that her mother is “asking for the moon,” imaginative and resilient Maeve decides to set off on her own to find the moon and bring it home. After sourcing a boat from a local fisherman, and inspiration from Yeats, Maeve finds herself among the moon’s Eight Phases–putting the success of her quest on an unusual path.


Emma Eliza Regan (Darkness on the Edge of Town, Get Up and Go), who just wrapped on Tom Collin’s new feature Penance: Aithri, also stars as Rhiannon–the Irish-speaking leader of the Phases. In another leading role is Seán McGillicuddy (Sineater) as the Fisherman, who is much more than what he appears to be. Maeve’s parents are played by Jeanne O’Connor (Éirí Amach Amú) and Declan Reynolds (Love/Hate). Other talent includes Sohaila Lindheim (Red Room) and Martina Babisova (Operation Liberland). The film was shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera by Limerick director of photography Niall Coley.


Combining Irish mythology with childhood whimsy, ‘Maeve and the Moon’ aims for the 2017 film festival run in Ireland and abroad.

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