Kerry Film Festival – ‘International’ Shorts Screening


Eleanor McSherry reports from the ‘International’ Shorts Screening at the Kerry Film Festival.

There was a great crowd at the screening of this year’s International Shorts after being moved from the smaller cinema screen that the films were screened on Friday and Saturday into the bigger screen for Sunday.

There were seven films in this selection, ranging from Northern Ireland to the USA.  They covered diverse subject matter such as time-travel, suicide, murder, disability, rain collecting, twins and great loss.  The films were: Northern Ireland’s The Way Back (pictured) – Director John Carlin,   Australia/Greece’s 3000 – Director Antonis Tsonis, USA’s Hunter – Director Jane Geisler, UK’s Dreaming of Peggy Lee – Director James Everett, UK’s The Rain Collector – Director Isabella Wing-Davey, USAs Twinsburg – Director Joe Garrity and Switzerland’s Frail – Director Ares Ceylan.

There are always some films that just stand out and this year they were: The Way Back, Dreaming of Peggy Lee and Frail.

The Way Back, ‘Faye tries to discover the real truth behind the disappearance of her young sister 25 years ago’. This film is a clever SciFi movie with a heart-wrenching analysis of the effect of the loss of a sibling on those that are left behind.  Told through a mixture of flashbacks and present, you don’t want to miss a minute of this as you aren’t really sure where it is going.  It’s shot cleverly with sterling performances from all the cast and has a killer twist.  For more information look on twitter

Dreaming of Peggy Lee, ‘Two children escape their oppressive care home to sneak into a 1940’s jazz club in London’. This multi-award winning film was my personal favourite of the whole festival. It won the award for Best International Narrative.  It is a beautifully shot, brilliantly acted film – especially seeing as the main actors are so young – and it’s a fantastically uplifting tale.  There is very little dialogue but it does not matter.  The story really got to me and looking at the audience I wasn’t the only one.  A very simple idea very well executed and uniquely told.  One I’d definitely highly recommend viewing!  For more information look on twitter

Frail or Puppenspiel, ‘Ruben is orchestrated by his father’s rules.  Everything changes when he enters the forbidden workshop’. This film is ingenious and for the first couple of minutes threw me down a very blind alley.  I thought I knew what it was about but at the end it was not where I saw it going at all. The location for the shoot was beautiful – an old style cabin, which gave it a very sinister look and feel.  It came off as a thriller but it was not what you’d expect at all.


The ‘International’ Shorts Screening took place on Sunday, 23rd October at 12pm in the Killarney Cinema.

The Kerry Film Festival took place from the 19th to the 23rd of October 2016.


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