‘Making of’ Featuring a ‘Gaza’ Scene from ‘Full Circle’


Noel Brady introduces a ‘Making of’ video featuring a ‘Gaza’ scene from his upcoming debut feature film Full Circle.

Full Circle by Noel Brady is in full swing as production continues. The film is being made over the course of several months and just last month the ‘Gaza’ sequence was shot. The ‘Making of’ link below chronicles how this sequence was created and shot, from concept model to final set-build and production of the scene.

Speaking to Film Ireland, Noel Brady says, “The film centres around one Malcolm Walker (Michael Bates), a war journalist and documentary filmmaker. In 2014 Malcolm was in Gaza making a documentary on the tunnels used by the Hamas.  Some of these tunnels are over 100 years old and are very dangerous. During filming of this documentary the tunnel caved in due to the on-going war that ensues way above ground.

“This sequence is a key moment in the film showing the growth of the character, the loss of his wife and producer on the documentary and how Malcolm chooses to cope with his loss and this harrowing experience. The ‘Making of’ video below chronicles how this sequence was created and shot ,from concept model to final set-build and production of the scene.

“Following his experiences in Gaza, Malcolm returns to Ireland, here he begins to suffer from nightmares and flash-backs, all symptoms of PTSD. Malcolm tries to cope, but the harder he pushes the further he seems to fall into his own private hell and darkness. A darkness that causes him to question to very value of life. Just at it’s darkest the smallest slither of light appears in the shape of Travis Sear (Mark Schrier) an American, a friend, and the opposite side of the same coin. Looking for answers, both men would start out on a journey, a journey to find the values that Malcolm lost in Gaza. This journey would take Malcolm back to another dark tunnel, this time the tunnel would be in Newgrange Co.Meath Ireland. Malcolm lost a lot in Gaza, can he find it here in Newgrange?”

The film stars Michael Bates, Mark Schrier, Susan Bracken, Joe McKinney, John Duggan, Jenny Dixon, Pádraig Murray, Gerry Wade, Geraldine McAlinden, Annette Kelly and Gerry Shanahan.
Sound is by Simon Murphy, Make-up is by Ligita Aleknaviciute and Patrycja Maćkowiak AD by Pádraig Murray. DP, lighting and post-production by Noel Brady. The film is also written, produced, directed by Noel Brady. Full Circle is a Phoenix Artz production.


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