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NUI Galway is seeking suitable candidates for the position of Storyboard Research Assistant for an initial period of 3 months to assist with the creation of:

  1. Creation of Low and high fidelity ‘paper’ prototypes of user interface designs for a hospital based vital sign monitor. Create from scratch or transfer these designs into digital format. Examples of the type of paper prototype we need to create are shown below.

Paper Prototype User Interface Design Examples

  1. Low and high fidelity story boards illustrating the interaction between a broad range of users and the interface. Create these designs from scratch in digital format or transfer the designs into digital format. Examples of the quality of storyboards we need to create are shown below.

Storyboarding Examples 1

Storyboarding Examples 2

  1. Creation of animations depicting the users’ interactions with the system.

The Research Assistant (RA) will be based in the Engineering Building NUI Galway in the Biomedical, Biometrics & Bio-Inspired Electronics Research Laboratory (B3 Lab) and will be expected to carry out all of his/her work at this location and to work effectively with the other members of the Digi-NewB team. The RA will report directly to Dr. Seán Crosson, Huston School of Film & Digital Media.   The RA will carry out other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the PIs.

Essential Requirements Essential:


While a formal qualification in art is desirable, it is not essential and instead it will be important for the candidate to demonstrate to the Digi-NewB team their ability to complete the required design/drawing tasks to the quality expected.


The RA will have excellent communication and organizational skills, be a committed team player, be highly flexibility and hard working with a strong attention to detail, have an ability to work to deadlines and to work effectively under direction and under pressure.

Desirable Requirements:


Experience with the development of low and high fidelity paper prototypes of user interface designs


Experience with the development of low and high fidelity storyboards illustrating the interaction between a broad range of users and the interface.


Experience creating comic-strip images with human figures.

The position will be offered at point 7 on the RA scale with a pro rata annual salary of €27,057.00.

Terms and particulars of employment for the Digi-NewB Graphic Design Research Assistant are the NUI Galway Research Assistant terms and particulars of employment (Appendix A).

In particular, your attention is drawn to the following terms:


Working Hours

The working hours for the post are 9am to 5pm hours three days a week.


Place of Employment

The post holder will be required to attend the University and discharge her/his duties for her/his contracted hours. The place of employment will be the room ENG-30007 Biomedical, Biometrics & Biomedical Electronics Laboratory.



The RA will formally report to Dr. Seán Crosson.


Day-to-Day Supervision

Day-to-day supervision will be carried out by Dr. Seán Crosson, Dr. Leo Quinlan and Prof. Gearóid ÓLaighin.


Annual Leave & Time-sheets

Annual leave shall consist of 22 days per annum and pro rata for shorter / part-time contracts. In addition to annual leave the following days shall be extra leave: Good Friday and 9 Public Holidays.

All annual leave must be applied for and agreed in advance in writing and periods of annual leave of more than 2 days must be applied for at least 1 month in advance.

A NUI Galway HR timesheet must be completed on a weekly basis and returned to the Principal Investigator.


Work outside the University

It is a Condition of Employment that you do not hold any position, including inter alia Directorships or Consultancies, or employment outside of the University without express approval. Requests to engage in such activity should be made to the Director of HR along with the acceptance of your post



The post holder shall be required to exercise strict confidentiality with regard to technical or business information or client identity acquired in the course of employment.  No such information may be disclosed to third parties without clear authorisation.  Any breach of confidentiality shall be regarded as misconduct.


Intellectual Property

Discoveries, inventions or technological innovations conceived, made or developed by the post holder in the course of his/her employment shall become the exclusive property of the University and may subsequently be assigned by the University as deemed appropriate.  The post holder will assist as required with the execution of all instruments necessary for the filing of patents in Ireland or elsewhere. The post holder may not remove any documents or equipment belonging to NUI Galway or the Funding Agency from NUI Galway’s premises, at any time. The postholder represents that s/he will not, in carrying out the research, use any background intellectual property in which s/he or a third party may have an interest without the University prior written consent. The University will ensure that the post holder has access to such of the University’s IP as is necessary to carry out the research project, subject to any restrictions on the University’s authority to grant such access.  The University will promptly inform the postholder of any such restrictions, which are relevant to the research project.

Those interested in this position should contact Dr. Seán Crosson at  / Tel: 091 495687 National University of Ireland, Galway


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