‘The Black’ Screens @ Kerry Film Festival


Mark Riordan’s The Black is set to premiere at the Kerry Film Festival in October.

Jane (Detective) is interviewing Sarah, about a Domestic Abuse incident that happened between her parents the night before. Sarah’s father has a dangerous and violent past and Jane believes that he is violent against Sarah’s mother. Sarah is her last hope in this case…


The Black shows how Domestic Abuse can affect a whole family. One striking aspect is that it shows how males can be affected too. The film asks the question, what’s really going on inside and the Kerrymen behind the film, said they wanted to encourage people to think differently.


Speaking to Film Ireland, Mark Riordan says,  “Nobody ever knows what is going on inside someone else’s mind. We never know what internal struggles people are going through and  sometimes we can be too quick to judge. Myself and Aaron (Producer) hope that The Black can help encourage people to be more aware of this. We got AV3 Productions and an excellent cast on board and I am delighted that we are premiering it at the Kerry Film Festival next month”

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