‘The Last Show’ & ‘Six Pack & Crack’ Screen @ Underground Cinema Film Festival



 Two films from Rita-Marie Lawlor are set to screen at this year’s Underground Cinema Film Festival.


The Last Show is a feature film about a theatre director who brings his cast to the seclusion of an old country cottage in the Irish countryside to prepare for the following week’s opening. It examines the nature of jealousy, envy, resentment, the clash of egos and how that fades to insignificance when faced with the actors own mortality.


Cast members from The Last Show include Brian Fortune (Game Of Thrones) as the frustrated yet passionate director desperate for his actors to remain focused and professional. Rita Marie Lawlor (Apollo Music Club) plays the part of Stella who’s in a conflicted relationship with the irritatingly little brother-esque, character of Jack – played by Jeff Doyle (Jack And Ralph Plan A Murder), a fitness fanatic who shares a close bond with peace-keeping. dope-smoking Bobby, played by Johnny Elliott (Charlie Casanova). Rory Mullen (Hunger) plays the notoriously womanising Richie and Andrea Coyne (Psychic Sue) features as Richie’s long-suffering girlfriend, Cynthia while Mirjana Rendulic (Watershed) is Richie’s long-suffering mistress, Vicky.


The film was written and directed by Rita Marie Lawlor for RML Films and shot on RED in one location at the Calabona cottage in Arklow County Wicklow, over eight and a half days in May 2014.


The 80-minute film made its premier at Indie Cork Film Festival in October 2015.



Six Pack & Crack is a gritty dark drama telling the story of a young boy dealing with the early stages of his mothers crack addiction. Will he follow in her footsteps? Or will he take drastic action to prevent her from falling in any deeper?.


Cast members include Callan Cummins, Andrea Coyne, Timothy Fergusson, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Alex Oros.


Shot in two days all hand held and no lights, creating that edgy gritty look while transferring it to black and white suiting the tone and mood of the overall film with colour used for the flashbacks of happier times. The script reached the finals of the Waterford Screenplay Competition in 2015 and most recently Andrea Coyne was nominated for best actress, along with Patricia Fitzpatrick for best supporting actress at the Underground Nominations night August 2016. The awards will take place in November 2016.



Both films will screen on the 10th of September as part of The Underground Cinema Film Festival at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. Six Pack & Crack will screen in the 3pm slot. The Last Show will screen at 8pm.


For more info on the festival please see the full line up here:

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