Irish Film Review @ GAZE: A Different Country



Emily O’ Callaghan was at GAZE to see the world premiere of Edmund Lynch’s A Different Country, a film that began with the filming and recording of members of the LGBT community in Ireland. They, with true reflections, told their stories of Coming Out to claim full and equal rights as members of Irish society, when the result of the marriage equality referendum was announced in Dublin Castle on Saturday, 23rd May 2015.


In A Different Country, director Edmund Lynch has painstakingly pieced together an impressive catalogue of first-hand witness accounts to the LGBT struggle in Ireland.

This beautifully paced collection of interviews, images and historic newspaper archives brings to life the journey from lonely individuals searching for connections to the birth of underground clubs combined with personal coming out stories, fear and progression as this group navigated their place in society culminating with a massive victory in 2015 of recognised marriage equality, an astonishing accomplishment given how recently it was still illegal to be gay in Ireland, 1993 to be specific.


The struggle is not over for LGBT activists ,yet the intelligence, strength and compassion demonstrated in the interviewees shows just how light can overcome darkness, even in Catholic Ireland.


Lynch is to be congratulated for taking the audience’s hand and leading us through the story of the gay community in Ireland, putting a spotlight on the long-suffering Transgender community. This world premiere of the film had the audience on an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end, with many reminiscing about actual events they had lived through, enjoying the personal stories and empathising with the crippling hardships of attempting to be one’s private self in Ireland, publicly.


A Different Country screened on Friday 29th July as part of the 2016 GAZE International LGBT Film Festival 

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