‘The Betrayal’ Screens at GAZE

| July 19, 2016 | Comments (0)

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The Betrayal is set to premiere at the 24th GAZE International LGBT Film Festival in The Light House Cinema on 31st July.

The film is a new female-driven short LGBT film from writer / director Kamila Dydyna and touches on adult themes such as sexual identity and domestic violence within the story of a marriage break-up.

The main cast features Mark McAuley (Vikings, Saol) and Miriam Devitt (Running Commentary, Food Fight) and Kamila Dydyna.  A male partner’s jealous and violent reactions in an unravelling relationship are the catalyst of The Betrayal’s plotline in which a new romantic possibility leads to danger.

The film is co-directed by Natasha Waugh from Fight Back Films, with cinematography by Gosia Zur (Monged), costume design by Gwen Jeffares-Hourie.

The film’s soundtrack features tracks from Ryan Vail’s debut album “For Every Silence”, Conor Walsh’s “The Front”, tracks by OCHO and most notably, “Martha’s Dream” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.


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