The Judas Iscariot Lunch


The Judas Iscariot Lunch will be broadcast on RTE 1 tonight, Monday July 18th at 21.35

The Judas Iscariot Lunch is a story about faith, religion, love and life after the priesthood. 13 Irish ex-priests speak candidly about how they came to be missionairies in East Asia, the Pacific and South America in the 1960’s and 70’s. Immersed in their new situations, these young idealists resonated and developed much broader ideas about God, their own humanity and needs, and about faiths, cultures and economies.  This documentary, often funny, sometimes sad, is beautiful, raw and thought-provoking.

The documentary, directed by Teresa O’Grady-Peyton and produced by TJ O’Grady-Peyton, tells the story of Columban missionary priests “who took the brave, honourable and risky decision to leave the active ministry and set out on totally different and difficult life journey.” They were branded The Judas Iscariot Lunch by Pope Paul VI.  “We never saw it like that… we see ourselves as pioneers!”


You can read Gemma Creagh’s review for Film Ireland  here 

Description from Audi Dublin International Film Festival

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  1. Was impressed by the candid comments of the ex-priests. What was the name of the song sung by the female singer at the conclusion of the documentary?

  2. Hi Pat,

    It’s called ‘Dear My Maker’ sung & composed by Noriana Kennedy of the Whileaways. Noriana is the daughter of James Kennedy one of the contributors.

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