Writer/Director Tom Ryan on ‘Twice Shy’

Ardal & Shane

Twice Shy, is a modern, coming-of-age drama that revolves around a young, unmarried couple who set off on a road trip from Ireland to London, as the result of an unplanned pregnancy. The film charts the ups and downs of their relationship by juxtaposing their dramatic journey with flashbacks to happier times in their romance. 

The film stars Shane Murray-Corcoran and Iseult Casey in the lead roles and features support from a stellar cast including Ardal O’ Hanlon (After Hours, Fr. Ted), Pat Shortt (The Guard, Garage), Mary Conroy (Ros na Run) and Paul Ronan (Love / Hate).

Film Ireland asked writer/director Tom Ryan about his second feature, which premieres at the Galway Film Fleadh


The idea for Twice Shy came about after I finished work on my debut feature Trampoline. Trampoline was a low-key film about trying to deal with a career that isn’t suited for you and life in a small town, I wanted to make sure that my second feature wasn’t going to repeat any of that. I also wanted it to be bigger in scope and have something more important to say. The idea of writing about a young romance that was suddenly impacted by an unplanned pregnancy really gripped me. I thought it could be engaging and complex while also having the balance of being sincere and compassionate. The trip from Ireland to London opened up the scope of the movie. We also integrate flashbacks as to how our two lead characters of Andy and Maggie met and fell in love to offer some lightness and counter balance the drama of their road trip to the UK.

I view the film as a love story first and foremost. The abortion is a means to test these two characters and see if their relationship can survive something like this. Film is a great medium to tell a story with such an important and topical issue like this. Abortion is such a divisive issue and addressing in a movie is a responsibility we didn’t take lightly. It is our aim to portray it in a sensitive, non-judgmental manner.

Shane Iseult Airpot June (1)

I was incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful cast involved in this movie. Iseult Casey and Shane Murray Corcoran (pictured above) are terrific in the lead roles of Maggie and Andy and have such great chemistry on screen. Having actors like Ardal O’ Hanlon and Pat Shortt in supporting roles was a massive boost for us. For an indie movie to have a cast like this and a soundtrack that features Gavin James (pictured below), Ash, The Corrs and Molly Sterling is incredible. Setting out to make this film, I could never have dreamed we would be as lucky as we have been in getting all of these talented people together.

Gavin James


Having Fionn Greger on board the project as producer was also a huge help. He has been incredibly supportive of the movie throughout its production and always had my back when the going got tough. Our entire crew went above and beyond the call of duty for this movie and I can’t thank them enough. I’m also very grateful to the Film Fleadh for premiering Twice Shy. It’s a wonderful and prestigious festival. The fact that the film was the first of this year’s programme to sell out is extremely rewarding. I’m very excited and anxious to see how people will respond.




Twice Shy screens at the Town Hall Theatre on Friday, 8th July at 18.30

Director Tom Ryan and cast members Shane Murray Corcoran and Iseult Casey will attend.

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The 28th Galway Film Fleadh runs 5 – 10 July 2016





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