‘Break’ in Post-production

Break_Film Ireland

Darren Healy as Derek in Break


A new short film, written and directed by Brian Moran, is in the final stages of post-production and will be hitting the festival circuit this summer.

Break is the story of a week in the life of Derek Ryan (Darren Healy – Savage, The Guard, Once); a man in his mid-thirties, defeated by life and resigned to loneliness and despondency. He works in an unsatisfying, meaningless office job and has been leapfrogged by young, confident careerists who are now his supervisors and seniors. Derek takes his morning coffee break alone, goes to the same café, and orders the same coffee. He drinks his coffee alone at his desk in an open-plan office. He spends his evenings by himself, cocooned in his open-plan apartment.

One day a smile from Jenny (Aoife Nic Ardghail – An Klondike, Rasai na Gaillimhe), a young waitress in the café he frequents changes everything. She is warm, friendly, acknowledges Derek and idly chats to him every morning. He feels alive once more. Derek becomes adventurous; orders different coffee, tries new recipes for his evening meal, works out and stands up to his supervisor. Derek ultimately builds up the courage to ask Jenny out. Is this appropriate? Will she say yes? This is the story of modern life, isolation, alienation, and the power, subtlety and fragility of human connectedness. It is a story of hope and despair and the fine line that separates the two.

Key crew members of Break are graduates of the MSc in Digital Feature Film Production (Staffordshire University & Filmbase), including writer/director Brian Moran, producer Trisha Flood, DOP Saskia Vermeulen, 1st Camera Assistant  Barry Doyle, and  1st AD  Conor Fleming.

Original music composed by Rob Daly. Sound recordist and design is by Simon Murphy. The film is edited by Gareth Nolan.

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