Review: The Angry Birds


DIR: Clay Kaytis, Fergal Reilly • WRI: Jon Vitti • PRO: John Cohen, Catherine Winder • ED: Kent Beyda, Ally Garrett • MUS: Heitor Pereira • CAST: Peter Dinklage, Tituss Burgess, Jason Sudeikis

The Finnish games company Rovio’s Angry Birds app gets the feature treatment in this familiar but amusing offering. The threadbare plot features Red, an outsider with anger-management issues. As punishment for his most recent incident, he is sent for some new-age rehabilitation to Bird Paradise, where he meets, Bomb, Chuck and Terrance. With his new friends in tow he tries to get to the bottom of a visit from some green pigs he alone is highly suspicious of.

Most definitely the little ones will be amused by the vibrant colours and the cute creatures. For the adults ,as is the mainstay these days, is the usual cheeky nods of innuendo and adult humour with a mix of sauciness and toilet humor.

The plot is rudimentary but the visuals are pleasing enough to get through some of the quieter patches. Amongst the voice talent on display is Jason Sudeikis as Red, Danny McBride, wasted as Bomb, and Josh Gad as the hyperactive Chuck. In support is Peter Dinklage in one of the more amusing turns as the Great Eagle and Sean Penn is also hiding amongst the voice cast in a role you’ll have to check out the credits to realise and possibly get the joke if you know the man’s reputation as a Mr Angry-type. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used his name and got someone else to provide the on-screen vocal stylings.

If you are in an undemanding mood and the children aren’t taking no for an answer The Angry Birds is a funny enough spectacle for the kids, with just enough jokes to get to the finish line. Not so bad that it should ruffle your feathers too much.


Paul Farren

97 minutes
G (See IFCO for details)

The Angry Birds is released 13th May 2016

The Angry Birds – Official Website



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