Viewfinder: A Series of Talks on Films by Filmmakers

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Film Ireland and Filmbase present Viewfinder.

Viewfinder is a series of vibrant presentations by talented Irish filmmakers on a movie that has had an impact on their life and influenced their work.

Each speaker will analyse particular aspects of the film and reveal the layers of what makes them stand out. These talks are perfect for writers, directors, actors, etc. and all movie lovers who want to get a director’s perspective on film.

Each discussion will be illustrated with examples from the film and beyond as each speaker brings their unique take on a personal favourite.


In this first series:

13th May – Graham Cantwell will sink his teeth into the king of the blockbuster movies, Jaws, by Steven Spielberg.


Jaws was the first film where I really became conscious of a director at work. Steven Spielberg’s film took what could have been a direct-to-video genre flick and, through incredible visual storytelling, elevated it into the realm of art, at the same time inventing the Summer Blockbuster. Spielberg’s techniques and craft showed me what was possible in shot design and editing. It is a film I return to again and again, and I’m looking forward to sharing my insights and appreciation of one of the seminal films of our time.”


20th May – Martin Duffy will breakdown and smash open Michael Douglas’ descent into vigilantism in Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down.


“I’d like to talk my way through my favourite film, Falling Down. I have watched it maybe a dozen times. I also did an extensive interview with the screenwriter, Ebbe Roe Smith. I want to talk about the magic of a film, in which everything came together just right. Michael Douglas (and his wife and his Dad) says it is his best film. I love everything about it – including the blunders I have spotted after so many viewings. And Ebbe’s story of how the script was developed is itself a great insight into the film business.”


27th May – Stephen Kane will take you on a trip to Paris Texas, Wim Wenders’ American odyssey.


Paris, Texas takes us on a haunting odyssey through America. Made in 1984, it became a huge cult hit and has been admired by filmmakers and musicians alike. I’ll be looking at the journey the film takes us on. You’re all welcome to hitch a ride this Friday.


The talks are €5 each or all 3 for €10 and take place in Filmbase from 7 – 10 and are BYOB.

To reserve your place at a talk, please contact Filmbase Reception on 01 679 6716 and dial 0. For more information, email


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