Films by NUI Galway Tutors Travel the World


Two films by Seán Breathnach and Aodh Ó Coileáin (pictured), who teach film and journalism at NUI Galway’s Irish-language Acadamh, will be screened at film festivals around the world this month.

Maidhm was written and directed by Seán Breathnach and recently awarded best drama at Limerick Film Festival. It will be screened this week at the Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran and at the Long Week of Short Films Festival in Shanghai in May.  The film has already been seen at the Irish Short Film Festival in Malta, Dingle International Film Festival, Cork International Film Festival and the Galway Film Fleadh. Two other Acadamh staff members were also involved in the production, with editing by Ray Fallon and sound design by Fionn Ó Sealbhaigh. The film was produced by a graduate of the Acadamh’s media courses, Laura Ní Cheallaigh, who is currently working as commissioning editor in TG4.

Fís na Fuiseoige, written and directed by Aodh Ó Coileáin, premiered to critical acclaim at this year’s Audi Dublin International Film Festival. The film will be screened at the Earth Day Film Festival in San Francisco on Friday (22nd April), and at the Cúirt International Festival of Literature in Galway on Saturday (23rd April). It was screened earlier this week at the Irish Arts Centre in New York.

Maidhm is the story of an autistic child’s search for his mother following a tantrum which sets them apart.  “The young actor who played the autistic child portrayed the impact of autism, not alone on the person but on the entire family, very effectively,” said a critic at the Galway Film Fleadh.  Galway actress, Tara Breathnach, has been nominated for an Oireachtas Best Performance award for her portrayal of the mother. The film was funded by the Irish Film Board and filmed in Galway.

The focus of Fís na Fuiseoige is the love for the home-place as reflected in poetry and literature in Irish. In Ireland, landscape is not just geography, but a mnemonic for literature and poetry. Landscape and stories are inseparable. “Aodh Ó Coileáin’s beautifully intimate portrait of language and place is a reminder again of the importance of the language in the Gaelic Revival, the cultural rebellion that was the catalyst for the later rebellion. In serving as a pool of traditions that were lost under anglicization, the language was used as a means of re-imagining, of conceiving of a new identity,” said Seán Finnan, Film Ireland. The film was produced by Colm Hogan and Dr Marina L. Levitina of Counterpoint Films, and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and TG4.

Media courses offered by the Acadamh include GY122 BA Cumarsáid agus Gaeilge; the subject Léann na Cumarsáide on GY101 BA Arts (Joint-Honours); GYA93 MA sa Chumarsáid (full-time) and GYA50 MA sa Chumarsáid (part-time).




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