‘One Day of Christmas’ Screens on RTÉ2

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One Day of Christmas, will screen on RTÉ 2 21st December as part of its Shortscreen season.

Written by Farley Bodie, the film takes place as the deadline for a prisoner’s Christmas Temporary Release expires. A broken-hearted mother leaves her son at the prison gates with a plan to survive.  One Day of Christmas stars Úna Kavanagh and Cal Kenealy.

Producer Peter Bodie, a Filmbase Masters graduate, told Film Ireland that One Day of Christmas started out as a half day, short piece to explore the nuances of shooting and recording sound inside a moving car. Suddenly we were involved in a three-day shoot, mostly outside and in freezing conditions. The story and the crew enthusiasm kept building and we ended up feeling very cold but very content.

“Initially we only had permission to shoot outside Mountjoy for 60 minutes but as we proved to be law abiding we were there for 4 hours.

“The jail scenes were shot in the basement of Filmbase thanks to some wonderful work from set designer Rebecca Massey. Disaster almost struck as we approached a final scene. It was after midnight and we’d been working since 8 that morning. The scene called for the smoke machine which we might have overused! Unfortunately the ‘smoke’ set off the fire alarm. The noise was deafening. Thankfully our wily 1st AD, Ali Doyle got a call in to the Fire Brigade to stop them responding – otherwise our no-budget movie would have been hit with a €2000 call-out fee.”








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