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A long time ago, in an apartment far, far away, a young screenwriter named George Lucas sat down and wrote the first draft of a script that would become the biggest movie franchise of all time.

In 1974 Lucas was writing his second draft for Star Wars entitled Adventures of the Starkiller, Saga 1: The Star Wars. While radically different than the finished story, ‘The Star Wars’ contains all names and elements that you will recognise, but in a way you’d never imagine!

On Sunday, December 13th Storybreakers will bring to you the entire script of ‘The Star Wars’ live on stage in The Grand Social at 7pm. Some of Dublin’s best and brightest actors will be performing in this event!

Before lightsabers, there was laserswords. Before A New Hope, there was The Adventures of the Starkiller. And before The Force Awakens, be sure to find out how it all began…

Although this event is sold out look out for more exciting events brought to you by Storybreakers in 2016.

You can join the waiting list in case more Star Wars Live Tickets become available:

Superhero Live Reading

Back in July, Storybreakers kicked off their series of cancelled Hollywood Blockbuster Live Readings when they performed Kevin Smith’s infamous Superman Lives script in Filmbase.

A promo of the event was created which gives you a flavour of what the evening’s performance and atmosphere was. You can watch it right here:

But that’s not all. Storybreakers actually recorded the entire performance and made it available on their podcast for free. You can check out part 1 right here:

Storybreakers is a podcast hosted by Chris Brennan & Stephen Ryan where they come up with a brand new film idea right on the spot every single week and give it away for free.

You can listen to previous episodes here:



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