Veteran Hollywood Actor Signs Up for Irish TV Show


Veteran Hollywood actor Jon Polito (Modern Family, Big Eyes, The Crow, ‘The Big Lebowski) is now officially attached to play a pivotal role in new Irish TV Indie Show, Rising.

Rising revolves around a deadly viral outbreak linked to ValeTech, a shady multinational in bed with a corrupt Irish Government. This speculative fiction follows six citizens, from the most powerful to the most vulnerable, and their struggle to survive when the truth is leaked and the country descends into a dystopian nightmare.

“I play Marty Taylor” Polito says. “He’s an ex-activist who was blacklisted later in his career for trying to expose the corruption at ValeTech. Marty’s a good guy but he battles between his integrity and his ego – the need to vindicate himself. He’s reactive. His emotions get the better of him, but he knows that revealing the truth of a government cover-up to a nation in turmoil could have devastating consequences… So, what will he do?”

On the hundredth anniversary of the Irish revolution against the British Empire, the 1916 Rising, this TV Indie set in a dystopian future-Ireland will be screened online as a five-part web series to a global audience in 2016.

Co-created by Laura Way and Jonathan Hawtrey Clark and produced by Jonathan Farrelly, the new media production reflects some of the circumstances that pre-empted the 1916 Rising and is a modern take on the meaning of ‘independence’ with an overriding theme of ‘nature versus progress’.

Rising, an independent production, is currently raising finance through the, with the campaign now in its final week.  If you’d like to get involved and support Rising, visit



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